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7/20/2016 c27 slcjnk2008
She's putting Alejandro through hell waiting for her isn't she? Now where is she going? - Shelley
7/20/2016 c26 slcjnk2008
Why is Lillian pushing the envelope? Why does she always have to kill? And I miss Alejandro, why doesn't she? Great chapter. - Shelley
4/3/2016 c25 slcjnk2008
Poor Lillian she's so bored now that she's alone. But taking up with with Brody what's next? - Shelley
4/3/2016 c24 slcjnk2008
I'm so sad that Lillian and Alejandro split up. Why is Lillian being so stubborn? Anyway, onward to the next chapter and thanks for the multiple chapter updates. They were a pleasant surprise. - Shelley
4/3/2016 c23 slcjnk2008
Apple, now that's funny. But seriously, my question is why is she still killing. I thought she was afraid of the Whole?
On to the next chapter. - Shelley
4/3/2016 c22 slcjnk2008
Hi Tatiana, Great chapter. Their discussion about the Whole and the royal family brings me to question if they will try to overthrow the Whole and reestablish a royal court. I guess I'll find out soon, for now it's time to read the next chapter. - Shelley
3/14/2016 c21 slcjnk2008
Hi Tatiana, I think this story is great. But I have to agree with Lillian when she stated how sick and perverted Callum is to his own kind. If these are supposed to be the wise and caring leaders protecting the vampire race I'm surprised that they have not been over thrown and killed off by the rest of the vampire race especially Callum. (Just a thought). Looking forward to the next chapter and hope Lillian will get justice for Callum's torture and sadism of his own race in the name of "The Whole".
3/9/2016 c2 slcjnk2008
Hi Tatiana, I think I'm going to enjoy this story very much. On to the next chapter. - Shelley
1/30/2016 c18 dipsydoodle1
Feeling pretty bad for Alejandro.
12/16/2015 c11 AvalonTheLadyKiller
I cannot describe the pleasure it has been reading this! Each & every chapter, written as eloquently as I would see bound upon the shelves of a bookseller. The characters give life to the tale. I feel for them both as Lillian & Alejandro go before their Whole seem as though they will reign harshly upon them for daring to come before them. Unless something astounding were to happen, that is. I do hope you have something up your sleeves. I will anxiously await you next chapter!
12/16/2015 c3 AvalonTheLadyKiller
I must applaud you on your work thus far. I simply had to stop reading, to write this review. Your characters have captivated me, just as your plot has enthralled. I look forward to discovering who exactly Alejandro is. Lillian herself makes the perfect protagonist, for she has depth I'd expect to see in something published. Quite an accomplishment! I do look forward to the next few chapters!
3/1/2014 c5 shootingstars1986
Oh my god, this story can not just end like this Haha, please say your going to carry on writing this story as there is so much more I need to no, such great writing!
9/6/2013 c5 amelie
wow, this is exciting! please update
7/5/2013 c3 2RavensCan'tFly
This is a pretty interesting story you have here...I like it!
6/28/2013 c3 ravenhowards
yay new update, I can't wait to read more.
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