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12/3/2014 c25 Guest
i really really want you to update this, it's been too long!
5/9/2014 c25 RebeccaMonroe
"it became apparent that Alex preferred being with Shannon instead of his friends" can i cry ? noooooo Alex!
" "You gave up, that's what you did. You should have fought for her Alex, she's worth fighting for. "EXACTLY !
i knew it ! i knew it LOL she is pregnant ! !(they had sex twice not once :) )
" she was no longer in love with the father of this child. " OH NO NO :( :( :( D:
" "I feel something for you too," she said when they had parted.

Dillon smiled and Molly pressed her lips to Dillon's lips and they kissed with such tenderness, Molly felt a flutter in her stomach that she never felt with Alex". im so disappointed ! :(
moreover "never felt with Alex" D:
5/9/2014 c24 RebeccaMonroe
OH MY ...ULTIMATE betrayal!
How he could do ? I wonder if he really loves Molly
I feel so Sad for Molly
I hope you will get Alex jealous of boys around Molly
i would love see him mad of jealousy!
I hope Dillon will not date Molly nooooo
I have only one chapter left ;-(
5/9/2014 c23 RebeccaMonroe
since few chapters i think she is pregnant(no protection use du ring their lovemaking ) and now she has nausea i think really she is!
" Friends? Well fuck you Molly, I don't want to be your fucking friend, I want to be your boyfriend; that's what I want with you." I LOVE THIS SENTENCE!
" But I can see that everyone was right about you and me, us as a couple was just a joke. You were a complete waste of my time Molly, so maybe banging that chick Ashley turned out to be a good thing." " wow Its hard and hurtful why Alex... poor Molly
5/9/2014 c22 RebeccaMonroe
She has succède in changing me...he forgives easily :)
5/9/2014 c21 RebeccaMonroe
Its Sad...poor Molly...
Hey 50th reviews!:)
5/9/2014 c20 RebeccaMonroe
I will beat Dillon ...
5/9/2014 c19 RebeccaMonroe
You made a little error previouly you wrote Geometry is her fave course and now you wrote she hates it :)
I hope she wont date Dillon ...
5/9/2014 c18 RebeccaMonroe
Fight between brothers :(
5/9/2014 c17 RebeccaMonroe
I like the turn in your fiction :) but i hope at the end they will be together !
" Why couldn't he have met her before" That not cool he thinks that Its really bad for Molly even if he is drunk
5/9/2014 c16 RebeccaMonroe
Oops Alex...: /
5/9/2014 c15 RebeccaMonroe
Rrrrrr Shannon...
5/8/2014 c14 RebeccaMonroe
" Molly felt awkward; here under the same roof were three girls who had all had sex with Alex. " indeed lol
5/8/2014 c13 RebeccaMonroe
Yeah! She is officially his girlfriend!
5/8/2014 c12 RebeccaMonroe
I like it :)
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