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3/13/2016 c17 LOLFISH
Wait how is that the ending to the story? That isn't fair!
12/29/2014 c24 joycelyn.o.ting
I really don't know whether I should enjoy the story or hate it. I just dislike the fact that Juliet is still planning to give herself up after all her resistance! Though I do not disapprove of Benjamin with her, I was wholly expecting Juliet to continue resisting his charms, slowly softening and changing him. Then, when they are sure that they know and love each other, Benjamin can wed Juliet and they can spend their entire lifetime satisfying each other.

But not this! Not this rapid breaking down of defenses and morals and just giving her virginity away for a scandalous passion! Where is the maturity and rationality Juliet possessed at the start of the story? The determination and wisdom that I so admired before despite her attraction to Benjamin?

Oh, I find it such a sore disappointment that Juliet seemed to have lost her best qualities because of a notorious play boy. I was so hoping that her little tryst with him had awakened her mind and reminded her to rebuild her walls before it was too late. To be honest, I never expected Benjamin to win this game, at least not this way. Now, I think I'll much prefer Derek to win Juliet's heart instead, as well as her person, provided they haven't already been snatched away.

Well, I will still continue reading so as to find out what happened, even if I'm frustrated by it. Please know that the story is still enjoyable, and that my opinion does not mean my dislike for the story itself. It is still a lovely piece of work.
11/23/2014 c40 RebeccaMonroe
The last :( :( but as usual i love it and i love the fact Rebecca came back ! And make trouble in Ben's mind ;-) we dont know if our Juliet is pregnant.. :/
What a pity its finish... you did a very for job miss with this story !
Thank you for this fiction !
9/8/2014 c39 2ghostnovelist
I ABSOLUTELY adore this story! I noticed a few errors in most of the chapters, but the best way to catch them is to retread your story as though you are the reader. When I write, and I am still developing my own story as well, I am paranoid that there would be a mistake that I wait a few days to get my writing out of my mind or read other's stories and then go back and read what I had written. It is probably the best way to revise a story yourself. Great job on the plot! You certainly did have an inspiring story that when I had gotten lost in the reality of life and forgotten about fictionpress I panicked when I couldn't find the story I had adorned. I adore writing from this age in history! Enough so that I wish I could write in such a way. Alas, I'm more modern. It's rubbed off on me, but never say never! Again, fantastic work! Can't wait for the ending!
6/2/2014 c1 Wendy Thompson135th
Sometimes the punctuation for interjections is correct; sometimes it isn't. Most frequently, direct address is not set off with commas: 'Yes(COMMA), sir,' said Stafford. 'Perhaps(COMMA), your grace(COMMA), but I am not sure...' Other interjections often left muddled in the text: "No, (COMMA), please do not..." and so forth. Now since sometimes the punctuation is correct makes me think you're rushing the necessary editing before posting.

The dialogue is a little stilted and too uniform, considering the number and variety of characters, ie: brothers might use the same vocabulary, but servants and female characters probably would not. There is confusion with plurals and possessives. '...my girls...', not '...my girl's...', unless Lady Catherine is talking about some possession of one girl. Again, this seems due to haste.

If James is a marquis -and how did that happen? Is this a courtesy title as his brother's heir?- would Stafford call him 'Master James'? Younger sons of dukes are given the general courtesy title of 'Lord FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. They're called that from birth. Even if Stafford is a very old family retainer, Lord James is as familiar as a servant would be. Think of 'Lord Peter Whimsey', younger son of the Duke of Denver, Gerald Whimsey.

One logic point: Bills are sent when payment has not been made. If the Duchess is having bills sent to her son, she is not spending any money: she is charging the service or the goods. Therefore, there is no reason for the Duke to wonder where she is getting 'coin'.
6/2/2014 c39 RebeccaMonroe
Sweeeeeettt ! :)
One chapter left :((((((
6/2/2014 c39 littlemiss76
Very nice
5/26/2014 c38 RebeccaMonroe
This chapter is so sweet ! I read it with a smile from the beginning to the end! :)
And i love the sexy love scene in the wood !;-)
Dont hesistate to wrote more love scene * winkwink*
I have a thing about numbers too lol and i m very happy you decide to add another one ! :D
5/26/2014 c38 hitokori midnight
Please update !
5/26/2014 c38 Moonshiine
Love it !
its adorable !
And the hot scene against the tree ...good good good ! ;-)
5/25/2014 c37 littlemiss76
Love it. Like the Pride and Prejudice line.

5/25/2014 c37 Moonshiine
Love it !
Poor Derek :/
But finally Juliet and Ben are together!
Sad it will be the end soon :/
You know if you write more chapters you will get over 100 reviews ;-)
5/23/2014 c37 RebeccaMonroe
Im so happy you have update but in the same time im Sad because ONLY TWO CHAPTERS left :(
I love the chapter !
i love the fact Derek want to absolutly protect her from Benjamin its touching :) he is a nice guy as Juliet i feel pity for him!
"Benjamin watched sadly" ohhh Its "sweet"
" but I love you, Miss Reinhart and you deserve the world." awwww *.*
" I was a foolish man before her but I will be a miserable man without her." *.* so romantic !
5/23/2014 c37 hitokori midnight
Please update !
5/11/2014 c36 Guest
Please update !
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