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for Fog

8/16/2013 c1 10Complex Variable
This piece makes me smile. :3

I've always been of the opinion that haikus really lose much of their power when written in languages other than Japanese (or any other east-asian language that one can write a good haiku in). Nevertheless, I really like the way you take advantage of the brevity of the haiku form here. Normally, haikus are all about moods and nature and profundity and what-not (the ephemerality of being, or whatever that Japanese turn of phrase is), but here, this is completely different.

When I read this haiku, it feels like something you'd doodle inside a notebook or a diary—a little brush of a remark; a moment worthy of a thought-bubble. "Fog" has immense charm, no doubt because of how aloof it is—how much it flies in the face of the usual pretentiousness that people take on when they try to write nature haikus, not to mention the other extreme, where people just write about anything and call it a haiku because it satisfies the syllable restrictions. xD

Good job with this one. :)

6/18/2013 c1 9Emidee
I'm comprehending this poem with utter ignorance to romance, and I am sorry. However, taken from a view of how nature is constructed, I thoroughly enjoy this haiku. Fog is often used an idea of mystery and sadness, and often not used as beauty. As you can see now, I am disregarding the meant romance effect in this poem. Though, being repetitious, I once again say I adore this poem from a different point of view.

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