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for Brass Moustache

4/25/2021 c1 santosjudy437
I really love your story, it deserves a lot of audience. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on NovelStar, just submit your story to or
4/8/2014 c20 JaveHarron
This is my favorite Brass story in a while. Dimension hopping, homages to classic pulp and Victorian lit (shades of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Mars segment as well), and steampunk work nice with each other. Looking forward to seeing more of this.
1/9/2014 c1 lobelie
This is just... so awesomely beautiful. The concept is intriguing, and the world is also fascinating.
12/5/2013 c10 JaveHarron
A fitting conclusion to the story, especially since this takes place in the same universe as your other robot series. Still, hoping we can see a few more stories with this chapter. An interesting fact: Even a trained human can shoot faster with a single action revolver than a semi-automatic, to say nothing of robots. Of course, reloading is the fun part.
9/25/2013 c1 tryxy
What a charming story! I am quite fond of Bat Brass.
9/25/2013 c2 tryxchange
Your Marshall Brass is an engaging fellow. I like how you've built his character (and isn't he a fine metaphor for a story?) and his interactions.
6/26/2013 c1 JaveHarron
Okay, a story set in the Steele industries verse, a sort of prequel to Zero Deuce's adventures? Sign me up. OKay, as far as the story goes, pacing seemed to be uneven through the novel, and some of Brass' dialogue seem stilled (although this may be intentional, given the character). Looking forward to more.

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