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10/15/2015 c16 Minzy
Yay Rohan's alive! I'm rooting for Rohan and Ari :)
10/13/2015 c16 poopeepoop
just read it in a day. Damn! This is good.. Keep them coming! :D
9/10/2015 c15 Minzy
Wow I can't believe Haden found it! Haha now I'm glad he tagged along. Thanks for updating, can't wait to read more!
5/9/2014 c14 Lady R
He is in Hawaii? Maybe on the Hawaii Island or Kauai? People can easily hide there. Can't wait for the next update.
4/17/2014 c14 Minzy
Nooo! Rohan can't be dead! Although being dead would definitely be better than him being tortured all these years.

Thanks for updating! Can't wait to read more!
2/3/2014 c13 R
Glad to have you back and to find the story really moving along. I hope to meet Rohan soon.
1/28/2014 c13 Minzy
Yay, off to find Rohan! Although I'm not really a fan of Haden at this point.. why is he tagging along " OH I just thought of something - I wonder if Haden will be risking his life for Ari later on... because I remember that line you wrote in Stylish Nights about how Haden would die with Ari, and Keiran would die for her? Did I get that line right? hahahha.
1/10/2014 c12 Minzy
Thanks for updating, can't wait to read more!
I hope they find Rohan alive :)
10/29/2013 c10 Guest
I hope that you post soon!

Now for the review,
Love, love, love your work! The characters seem so real and I get lost in the story. My only criticism is your grammar. Sometimes you use past tense words, phrases and sentences in the middle of present or future tense areas. And the other errors are simple. Such as using on, when you should've used in. And vice versa. But seeing that the story as a whole has a decent amount of flow, these can easily be overlooked. Do you have a BETA? You might want to think about getting one. Make sure you test them before letting them loose on anything you're currently working on. One word: Plagiarism.

Best of Luck!

10/16/2013 c10 ohhsnapitskatie
Just checking to make sure you are still going to update this? It's been awhile since the last chapter.
8/30/2013 c9 1MegLouise
Finished reading Stylish Nights and have just read up to this chapter - I absolutely love yoir writing! Its such a joy to read & you're so committed to your characters.
Gotta say, I'm a little in love with the whole Ariadne/Rohan story line! Can't wait for the rest of the story! :)
8/6/2013 c9 Livelifeinspired
I want her to end up with Haden please please please ! Really good please continue
8/5/2013 c9 Lady R
I really like this chapter! It's like, "Finally! A breakthrough!" I'm so glad with what you wrote concerning Haden. He was really making me angry, but I really didn't want to be angry at him. I love how you wrote, "You saw something in me, he correctly wisely", my two favorite words for Haden "correctly wisely", he has seen the light! LOL The whole Valentina thing, though, really?! Well, baby steps, right?

With regards to Kalista, yes, I agree, she did get her happy ever after in the first story hence I didn't see the need to keep her in this story. But I understand your reasons, which is why you are the author and not me! LOL

I would love to read Rohan's POV, but not yet. I love seeing him through Ari's eyes.
7/30/2013 c8 R
Sorry, I've fallen a bit behind and have just caught up. Everytime you write about Ari and Rohan, I'm intrigued to hear more of their love story. I totally love this grown up Ari! Her maternal side with Liam is so endearing. Keiran seems to have matured somewhat as well, but Haden...well, I'm still indifferent because he has suffered basically the loss of his entire family, so I still feel a very thin thread of sympathy for him. As far as Kalista goes, I'm really not missing her POV and am satisfied with her just being in the background.
7/23/2013 c7 Guest
hi, this is Eve! am still loving ur story. i did wonder what happened to Rohan, with ur constantly teasing us. i will guess and say he got killed d camp mayb? i cant see it being something as mundane as an illness! lol. anyway, i really feel like giving Haden a smack, although i understand where he's coming from. it would be amazing if Ariadne ends up with Seth. it would reinforce her maturity and show the two boys shes a completely different person from the one they knew, so pls dont kill Seth off!
oh, faster updates and longer chapters would be brilliant, ur an amazing writer. i would definitely pay to read your work :)
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