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for Life of a Nadia

9/11/2013 c3 13L the wolf man
i like it its something simple and not to much remember you got to love what you write
6/25/2013 c3 579Dill Wilson
You could have one more chapter with a conversation between Naida and her girlfriend exploring sexuality from the girl's point of view. Was she wrong to do do what she did in the movie theatre? Did the guy lead her on and then freak out when she made the move? Will Naida change her behaviors/attitude the next time she got a date? What was Naida's motivation for doing something like that on the first date? Did she think it was normal? Did she like the guy that much? Was it an accident and then she became curious? Was she doing what she thought she was supposed to do? The story is fine as it is but it kind of leaves the reader with some unresolved questions regarding Naida's dating future.

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