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for Let's Just Bring Back Richard Nixon

6/28/2013 c1 15Petra Arkanian
So... Nixon's resignation didn't have anything do with the Civil Rights movement or the Vietnam War. He didn't do a ton in the Civil Rights movement because he didn't want voters in the south to dislike him, and he did eventually end the Vietnam War, because of the influence of the media on public opinion of the war (I just recently wrote a 10 page paper on this). He resigned *after* he was impeached, and he was impeached for 3 different crimes - abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and lying in court was, I believe, the third. He resigned because congress was already planning a vote to evict him from the office, and he wanted to leave with some shred of dignity, rather than being completely forced out of office. He said the quote you cited *before* he was impeached, in one of his final attempts to convince the American public of his innocence.

Anyway, I think your final point may be valid (I don't know much about the specifics of Snowden), but I have to say that it's a little hard to be sure because it doesn't seem like you researched Nixon much at all. Also, I would suggest reading back through your work a couple of times - there are some spelling errors, some simple fact typos (i.e. you accidentally said Nixon broke into the Republican headquarters instead of Democrat), and Nixon was the 37th, not the 36th AND 37th (he had two terms but he's still only one guy, haha). That kind of thing. So yeah! My biggest suggestion is to do some more research, because it certainly is an interesting connection.
6/27/2013 c1 Punslinger
Good essay. You pointed out some of the dangers of the Obama administration that I've been trying to warn people about for years. His communist background convinced him that no action is wrong if it helps to replace our capitalist freedom with government control.

Nixon resigned not because he was guilty, but because the hostile news media whipped up so much public anguish that he could no longer do his job as president. They hated him for his anti-communist past.

It isn't surprising that the media have sacrificed the truth to support Obama. Journalists have always made up much of what they report. Their greatest fiction was that news reporting is "objective."

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