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4/12/2004 c11 mc
I like it plz update soon.
1/14/2003 c11 Rosabee
Fantastic, in every sense of the word. I love how this story is developing! Jared is a great, headstrong hero. I can't wait to find out what happens. The stuff about the dark creature and the screaming are genuinely creepy. You write dialogue so well, and it makes the characters even more involving. Keep up the great work!
4/2/2002 c1 8odium
you have to continue this! I liked it but I was disappointed that it didn't go on. I'll be hoping to see a continuation.

3/26/2002 c10 83Shila
hey! you! author person! finish this! please please please please i'll love you forever? this is really cool! onegai!
3/26/2002 c9 Shila
...twisted thought... rael/jared? possible? just wondering... *wanders off to next chapter, Insanity sitting next to her and muttering something*
3/26/2002 c7 Shila
*giggles* Jared and Rael remind me of myself and Hermes... *chuckles* arguing with gods, yeah, ingrates that we are... loverly story! keep up the good work!
3/26/2002 c5 Shila
this story is amazing i'm sorry i've skipped reviewing but it's so intense i can't stop to type... if it's not done yet pleeeeaaaase finish it!
3/26/2002 c1 Shila
*hooked on this fic like a junkie on crack*
8/24/2001 c9 Kjersti aurora borealis when logged in
OK, so this review is a bit out-of-date(three chapters too late). I still want to write it. Here goes: Oooooooooooooooo! I like I like I like I like I like! (Okay, 'nuff of the braindead part.) As you can see: I'm back and I've read your last (not anymore) postings on "T.R.T.D."! It's great, but Rehanna IS right. The chapters are waaaaaaaaay too short. We wait and wait and then you come with a one-page-long part! Can't you combine them? Okay, so the last (seventh) chapter was a bit longer, but... Oh, well. Great job, anyway. Poor Jared. Anyway, I hope I find time soon to read the newest parts of "Love and Darkness" and you find time to write more! ^_^ Until then: Hugs, Kjersti~
7/26/2001 c1 1Lorelai
I really like all of your stories
7/21/2001 c10 18HoukanGishi
This is a really good story that I'm enjoying a lot. I love the plot and the twists and how well it seems to be planned out. Keep writting. You're good.
7/20/2001 c10 Rehanna
Int'rsting, as always. Nice dream ;) ..that was teaserish again. Not fair. Now.. when do we get more?
7/20/2001 c10 4Fleur Rochard
So in his dream Jared kissed Rael? And Rael seems to be *very* concerned about Jared. *grinses knowingly* Well, again, very good. The more I read the more I love your story and the characters in it. And your dialogues are always wonderful. The women in Jared's dream - difficult. Three women... in a kind of 'prophecy-dream'...the three women which decide over fate? Those fom the nordish mythology? Sorry, I don't know their English name - hope you know, what I mean! But on the other hand, why would they want him dead? Questions, questions - and I hope a long, *long* story will answer them! ^_^
7/19/2001 c9 Becks too Lazy to sign in
Hope we find out soooooooon :) go on tell me more :) Jared's dishy :) can i keep him?

Much Love

7/18/2001 c9 1Rehanna
One day.. but not anytime in the near future, right? You're just evil. Has anyone told you that? Wonderful author, but evil. *grumbles*
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