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for Creatures of the Night

2/14/2022 c1 raesi01
What a great prologue! I like your novel and I wanna give you an offer that related to your work. Would you mind give me your email to discuss the details further . .
5/15/2014 c7 RebeccaMonroe
Hope Cora isnt "died"
5/14/2014 c6 RebeccaMonroe
"You have the power to save her. Do you wish to do so?" It means die?
5/14/2014 c5 RebeccaMonroe
So far so good :)
5/12/2014 c4 RebeccaMonroe
Good writing :) the description etc...
5/12/2014 c3 RebeccaMonroe
Good !
5/12/2014 c2 RebeccaMonroe
Good beginning :)
5/11/2014 c1 RebeccaMonroe
Honestly i dont like vampire story or supernatural...but i will try and read this one...:) maybe i will like with a author like you ;-)
5/8/2014 c7 Hitokorimidnight
Please update This story !
4/17/2014 c6 hitokori midnight
please update !
7/4/2013 c1 4AutumnLeavesInTheAir
Such a heart felt and emotional story, it was beautiful! The way it is woven is beautiful and emotive. Bravo!

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