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for Beauty and the Beast

7/4/2018 c17 Misty
I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY! Its amazing and beautiful and I love Zen and Soren.
4/8/2017 c17 Kuroya.Phantom.In.Darkness
I'm cryinggggg why are you doing this to meeeeee... I need an updattttteeeeeeee...
5/4/2016 c17 a fan
i was only going to read a few chap to kill some time but i ended up reading the whole thing. you are a great writer. i am sad that the story had to end. please write some more.
8/6/2014 c17 5ramblingrobin
omg You wicked tease! I can't wait for the next chapter! I really liked the interaction between the two in this chapter. I like how Soren is going to help Zen with training in creative ways. Interesting and clever. Very good.
8/3/2014 c17 Only a Name
Well, well, Soren and Zen finally going to do the act of love! Update as soon as possible, and please don't tell me that Zen ends up dying in the end, somehow killed by the Demitri guy, who does it thinking he is saving everyone's lives by murdering the "savage beast." Then Soren tries to get over it and ends up being with Demitri. Cause if that's how it ends, I'll be so heartbroken.
P.S Sorry, if this is actually the ending, and I just spoiled it for everyon- Actually, I'm not sorry, so if I ruined the ending, then you'll make a different ending.
P.P.S You're an awesome writer.
7/28/2014 c16 ramblingrobin
Dawwwwwwwwwww. So much sweet and cute in this chapter. I like the fluffy to contrast the rough. I look forward to the next chapter! I've enjoyed reading this. I'm also looking forward to some sexytime with Zen and Soren. hee hee
7/26/2014 c15 ramblingrobin
Awww I wanted them so shower together! Why did you turn him down, Soren?!
7/26/2014 c14 ramblingrobin
Awww they're so sweet together.
7/24/2014 c13 ramblingrobin
Oh dear, I foresee Demetri ending up causing problems for Zen and Soren. And Vince probably will be trouble too. :P At least Demetri doesn't seem worried Soren's a guy...
7/24/2014 c12 ramblingrobin
Ooo! Zen's tortured past is revealed! And I look forward to their new start!
7/24/2014 c11 ramblingrobin
I loved that chapter. I like Soren taking care of Zen. Soren is so strong! I love them.
7/22/2014 c10 ramblingrobin
Awww, I'm so glad Zen saved him and healed him and eviscerated the baddies.
7/22/2014 c9 ramblingrobin
O.O Poor Soren. He's having a rough time. I'm a bad person because I kind of like it.
7/22/2014 c8 ramblingrobin
This chapter is making my die of curiosity! On to ch 9!
7/22/2014 c7 ramblingrobin
Hee hee I love it that he likes a feisty Soren. Feisty Soren is very fun.
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