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for The Scorpio's Curse

5/22/2015 c1 Guest
I loved this story...I really hope you have more to come... you have a great imagination, ive been looking for stories like this for a while now..and now I have one..being a Scorpio myself, I can kinda relate to the girl, but in a guy version of course... Either way, great job,and I hope to read more...
7/29/2013 c1 EKADLZBIVKelksbliaowdxvnczbk
Woahhhhh Mind blown. Sorry. See, it's cause I have a thing for stars, moons, basically an interest in astronomy(not that I'm good or anything, I just find stars beautiful is all XD) Now I really want you to continue this XDDD All the best!
7/29/2013 c1 1Unxious Custard
Hi, I can see you have put a great deal of thought into your characters, and I particularly like Aurora's character. The deaf touch for the prince is also a touch of inspiration. However, this in depth character work if part of the back planning of a story. You don't need to tell the reader about your characters in this way. Rather let us discover them through their thoughts, words and actions. This is how we grow to love them. I like the proper introduction to the story. It shows passion and determinations. (That i'm not who i am. ) This sentence confused me though. I am who I am, whether or not other people can see me that way. I love the idea of the Scorpio curse but would have enjoyed just a little more explanation of why everyone is so down on Scorpios. What a painful experience for the pool Scorpio girl. I can feel her anguish as I read. This section is very well written, and I liked the way it resulted in everyone getting soaked. Great ending. I hope you will also review my story, Psychics v Terrorists, which is a modern fantasy set in England. Good luck with the writing. You have an interesting idea here.

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