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for My Bullying Story

9/27/2018 c1 Charlie Smith
That is so sad and really sucks
9/25/2018 c1 lprivat25
i wouldn't forget but if i had a better heart id forgive but this id not forgive, id say "screw you! i'm leaving you did this to me and i hate you! bye bully!' and that be me! id be crying in my room
9/25/2018 c1 Guest
Yes, Forgive And Forget Them. They Don't Matter, Your Beautiful IN anyway! Every One Is Different In a Great Way! 3
9/25/2018 c1 butt
i like it
7/24/2014 c1 Emina
Have you ever meet those people again?
... Are you sure you don't wish for a revenge?
8/2/2013 c1 cristina.m88
This was so sad... How can some people be so evil? You never did anything to them, there are so many f****d up people out there.

I'm glad you stayed strong and are doing better now *Hugs*

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