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10/18/2016 c1 AngelFaux
8/27/2016 c6 Regular Reader
I can no longer continue to read this. Kyle is too much of a narcissist who thinks he's the smartest person in the tribe and probably his program. "His quips are enough to challenge even me." Who tf does he think he is? "Even me?" Hop off the high horse. I kind of get the impress his personality is based of yours, so you can step off your self-placed pedestal and fuck off, too.
6/2/2016 c46 AngelFaux
This is Awesome and wow this was a great read and thanks for finishing this
7/16/2015 c45 InsanityAndBeyond
Well, since it's been over a year and you DID say you totally wanted to do some one-shots, and I'm missing my Kyle-Lane goodness,

I absolutely want to know what happens when Lane gets drunk.

I kinda wanna see a Lane Kyle fight, because why the hell not? Angst is great as long as its all mushy goodness at the end. Plus they've been together a while now, it's time for them to hurt each other emotionally.

AWWW NJ, honestly that was just so sad. Bless his heart. If we see him move on that'll be cute as hell. He deserves it.

urm... I can't think of anything else apart from more angst.
5/9/2015 c46 Guest
Impressive story. This is late and probably insignificant since it's been more than a year since the story was finished but i have to say it was very well made.

On a side note I'm still itching to know who the five people that tried to flirt with kyle were. I might have missed a detail but it's still eating me alive not knowing. Oh and i was hoping for an annie reference at the last chapter i don't know why. XD
9/5/2014 c46 16FairyTaleDreams
This is actually something my mother keeps going on about - how our generation needs to learn to loosen up and keep an open mind, how we're too riddled with pre-conceived notions of who we are and what we like and what we absolutely hate. I'll admit there was a point somewhere in the middle where you almost lost me - but I couldn't stop reading your story. Lane and Kyle were adorable - their relationship even more so. And that last small para in the end? Genius. :) Really enjoyed the story.
8/31/2014 c46 Guest
Wow! Loved this!
8/1/2014 c1 2Lauren Stargazer
It just occurred to me that even though I read this story MONTHS ago, I never left a review expressing just how much I truly enjoyed this story. I'm a sucker for original superhero stories, but this one had an interesting twist and was well written. The summary piqued my interest and I was absolutely hooked by the end of the first chapter. I remember sitting in the back of my physics class reading this story instead of socializing or studying physics.
I might not have left a review in a timely manner after reading this, but Best Lane Plans had a way of sticking with me, in a way. I think it was a month or two after I read Best Lane Plans that I brought it up in a conversation I had with my friend. She doesn't even like superhero stories and this one interested her. Now she is slowly reading this. And on top of that, today I'm pretty sure that we (that friend and I) managed to convince yet another friend to read this since we were talking about how good Best Lane Plans is. I've definitely gone above and beyond in spreading the word about this story haha.
Anyway, thank you so much for sharing best Lane Plans. It was fantastic from start to finish. :)
5/31/2014 c46 The S.L.Y. Righter
I actually realized something while I was out doing non-FictionPress related stuff. The fact that Lane was worried about Kyle wasn't because he was scared of his own life. He was scared of Kyle's life. NJ, BunnySpeedSuperhuman, and Lane can probably get out of a car crash unscathed. But Kyle, he's normal and mortal and human. It's something super subtle, and was a fun fact to figure out.

I dunno why I started thinking about why Lane would be scared/upset about fast "reckless" driving, but it really hit me. Stuff like that is why your story, a series of drabbles with an over arching theme, was an amazing read. I've read through it twice now and I just wanted to say that it was incredibly, awe-inspiring, overall an amazing read. Thank you, for putting this up on a free website where quality is hard to come by.

I hope you read this and understand that there are people out there who truly appreciate your writing. Hopefully we can see more of them. Perhaps a "10 years" later type of thing even? I'd hate to leave my imagination to figure out what happens to them (because knowing most Super Hero styles, Kyle dies or Lane goes rogue or is consumed by power or Kyle finally caves in and genetically alters himself to become super human and he becomes an ooze/gelatin like creature. The possibilities are literally endless, but them living "happily ever after" rarely is one of the things that Super Heroes experience!) so... write more!
5/10/2014 c46 kcat
This is one of the best things I've ever read on fictionpress - it's going in my hall of fame bookmarks folder. Thank you, Amazing story. (and this is in brackets because I really like how you didn't make it the point of the story so I feel somewhat sheepish making it a significant park of the review but I really liked and am really impressed by how you handled sex - what you picked, not doing sex scenes but not avoiding it when relevant, is a path not many authors go down and I haven't seen t done that well before and it was incredibly refreshing(and don't get me wrong I like a good sex scene) so thank you)
5/10/2014 c40 kcat
I love you so much right now! And that's taking into account that I was already pretty head-over-heels, let's grow old together, insert other appropriate (or inappropriate) clich├ęs here in love with you already for the rest of this story
4/8/2014 c46 Nightmare-chan
so I hadn't read this since we found out Kyle's mom was involved (honestly I thought you had abandoned it) and then I checked my fictionpress account for S and Gs and seen that it had been updated in February and was like holy cow! no way! and then seen that there had been like a million chapters posted and was completed...woah... I would love to read some oneshots but I have no ideas...heehee... anyways loved the ending!
4/6/2014 c46 4R. Ficst
Absolutely loved it. Good mix of humor with thoughtful character development, romance, friendship, and action. I love your world and its characters. Would love to read a sequel. Will get back to you possibly with ideas for that if you're still open to it.
4/6/2014 c40 R. Ficst
I saw KT, was highly suspicious of Mom (and hesitantly suspicious of Brian, though that one's left to pan out), but I did not see Philippe coming.
4/6/2014 c22 R. Ficst
T_T *tears*
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