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for Love Thy Enemy

9/13/2019 c7 1PsychosomaticReality
im sorry..
cute ass wolfboy
9/13/2019 c6 PsychosomaticReality
Lor.. I love it. i got so engrossed that I forgot to review. Sorry.
Also, Darius is a cute boy who needs to love and accept himself.
Also also, Pro deserves love and safety.
Also also also, Lena needs more 'screentime' if you know what I mean. I wanna know more about her. Flashbacks, memories, anything really. Tell us how they met, how close are they?
8/5/2014 c25 Desperate
Pro! Pleaseeeee continue the storyyyyyy I'm dying not knowing!
7/29/2014 c25 Guest
Are you going to write more in this story? I've been checking weekly since may. It's soooo good! Please do another chapter
2/19/2014 c23 Songbird227
Im liking Pro more and more. She has a big pair to be talking to a room full of wolves like that. This chapter was quite realistic in my opinion. I liked it a lot.
2/15/2014 c20 1Livia Gretchen
So glad you updated. Keep going. Things are really starting to get quite interesting.
2/12/2014 c20 Songbird227
Finally! I have been waiting so long for this! Ooo, that guys steams my beans! Good job as usual. And dont worry about the number of reviews you get. That doesnt matter as much as we think because some people arent always bold enough to review. I know more people read your work than you think. Keep at it.
1/26/2014 c19 Guest
Aw, man, why did daddy dearest have to wreck the party?! Must have more!
1/26/2014 c19 EternityLuv
Plert twersts!
1/17/2014 c18 2Isla Corinne
Happy Birthday!

Great chapter again as always! I think Prosperity will forgive him because she knows it's his wolf doing this and not really him. I think Darius will have the hardest time trying to get past what he did.

Keep up the wonderful work and have a great birthday!
1/17/2014 c18 dontarguewithme
This is an amazing story! Please keep writing it!
1/14/2014 c17 Songbird227
Update, you must!
1/14/2014 c15 Songbird227
Feed your tummy? LOL your hilarious. I hope she's ok. Love, love, love it.
1/14/2014 c14 Songbird227
Awwwww snap! Good stuff!:)
1/14/2014 c9 Songbird227
Oh. My. Gosh. Poor guy! Plot thickened.
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