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for His Captor, His Savior

1/6 c78 5Vitzy
Gosh. I'm coming back to this story after almost a decade. and damn its even better than I remember!
Thank you for your continued work on this. what a delight.
and Happy new year!
12/27/2023 c78 5TMi The Dork in the Corner
I randomly decided to get on this site after a long time tonight, not sure why. Logged in, checked to see which stories I had read had been updated and found this story again. I think I'm one of the old readers from when this story started, can't be sure but I know I've been reading it for a long time. I just wanted to say thank you for the updates, I know life gets in the way of writing, reading, anything really, lol. It always makes me happy to come back to this story, like many others from back when I used this site on a daily basis. I wish I had the same motivation to update my own work, writers like you motivate me to do better, I thank you for that as well. Hope all is well with you, hope to see another chapter again soon. - TMi
12/18/2023 c78 13creativesmarts
Thank you for the Christmas gift! I love seeing the sweet interactions between Skylar and Blake, and I love how observant he is, noticing that something he said upset him and wanting to make him feel better. I'm with Blake, a laughing/giggling Skylar is something I'd love to see more of, he's such a sweetheart and deserves all the joy. I hope you have a happy holiday season and New Year as well :)
12/15/2023 c78 1Grappla
Nice work and great timing, really liked this chapter and always appreciate the updates, Happy Christmas and New Year to you as well.
11/24/2023 c77 13creativesmarts
I've been meaning to leave a review all week, I of course read the chapter as soon as I saw the update and then never left a review...Loved the chapter! I was actually wondering if we'd get to see Sky's talk with the police and how they would react to the creepy box. I'm wondering if Blake put together that Reece was the "cop" that caught Sky when Blake had that fight. I'm thinking probably not, or he might've brought it up/apologized for having Sky be there in the first place.

Even though it was a "recap" chapter, I liked seeing Sky tell the whole story of what happened, for the very first time, and his perspective of things. Of course the reader already knows all of this, but now Blake especially gets some insight on what happened to Sky and what he's been going through this whole time. And now the police get to investigate who else Reece has victimized, and get them some closure. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next, with Reece's case(s) as well as Sky's recovery and his relationship with Blake. And of course how the revelation that Sky was kidnapped will affect his relationship with Sam, Dr. Carmin, and Michelle.

I'm so sorry to hear about your house! I'm really glad everything's calmed down now; I hope you're able to get a break from the stress and have a nice holiday season :)
9/5/2023 c76 mgold8
I just wanted to say that you are so awesome because you've stuck with this amazing story for 10 freaking years. I can't tell you how many times, during the past decade, I was having practically the shittiest day ever. Until I saw that you had posted a new chapter about Skylar. And just like that, thanks to you, the day got a whole lot better. (It's hard to feel sorry for yourself, or hate your life, when you compare it to what Skylar has gone through!) I salute you, Maddam Redder. You are a fantastic writer, and your writing has brought me great joy for 10 years and counting. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mike
7/25/2023 c76 creativesmarts
You're spoiling us with all these double uploads you've been giving us lately! I always check for new chapters right before bed and end up staying up the rest of the night reading when I see a new upload, which happened on Sunday (my fault for checking so late in the evening lol). So I was half asleep by the time I finished the new chapters and wanted to save writing a review for when I had the time/energy to write what I was thinking. Here goes a long comment:

I love Blake's mom, she seems like such a sweetheart and I can already tell she's going to be good to Sky. Nothing like his own mom. I like his dad a lot too, he made me laugh a few times haha. I also love how attuned Blake is to Sky now, how he's able to tell what he needs but also ask him what's going on when he's not able to tell (like when he was asking what triggered Sky to start thinking all those negative things about himself being a burden/mistake but was able to piece it together when Sky looked over at his parents). Also love the hospital staff, they're so accommodating/understanding for him, which he needs. Also I know Sky's the main character and this is the main story, so I never really expect new chapters of the spinoff (though I'm always joyfully surprised when I see there's more of it!), but I love getting these little bits of info in the main story about what was happening back in Georgia after Sky disappeared. So even if there's never another chapter of the spin-off, I'm so glad we still get to learn about what happened here.

Honestly, I could read another 76 chapters of this story lol, even though I know it's coming to an end soon. I'm so curious about everything: how did Michelle react to the news/what will she say to Sky when she sees him? What will Mitch say (did say?) about Sky and Blake being official now (I'm sure he'll give Blake the obligatory stern talking to about not messing it up this time around haha)? Now that Sky's met Blake's parents, how will he get along with his brother? What happened to all of Reece's money/possessions/business (did he leave it all to Sky? Does Michelle inherit the business now?) Will they ever find his creepy box of trophies? Where is Sky going to live when he gets out of the hospital? How his mental recovery is going to go? etc etc etc, I could read about all of it. But I know the story's wrapping up.

I'm sorry you've been having a rough couple of months :( I really hope things start looking up for you, and I really appreciate that you still work on getting new chapters to us. I will wait patiently for the next!
4/9/2023 c74 creativesmarts
I liked this chapter, there can never be too much fluff imo :) Sometimes I go back and reread Sky's flashbacks with Blake in them, so it's nice to get some simple "present-time" moments between them. I also loved how Blake spoke out on Sky's behalf when they were talking about restraining him, I remember in chapter 1 (I think?) Sky was thinking that Brittney was lucky that Blake was willing to defend her in a fight and was wishing Blake would be willing to defend him, he's definitely getting his wish now. I'm really looking forward to reading what comes next, I'm curious about where the story will go from here!
As always, take care :)
2/12/2023 c73 creativesmarts
Yay, I was so happy to see another chapter posted! I loved the conversation between Skylar and Blake. I'm looking forward to the interactions Sky will have with Sam and Dr. Carmin as well. Also if we'll see Mitch again. As always, looking forward to the next chapter, I'm also thrilled to hear you're working on Blake's spinoff. I'll take whatever you give us of this story. Thanks for continuing to work on it :)
1/15/2023 c72 Guest
I have followed this story silently since 2016 and to finally see that Reece is gone is so reliving. Part of me is still paranoid that he's not fully gone. I'm terrible at commenting and probably won't comment again, but I just wanted to let you know that this story has been extremely captivating since I first picked it up. I have reread it at least four times now. Thank you for sharing.
12/30/2022 c72 AngelFaux
It’s finally come, it’s late but Happy Holidays and mErry Christmas.

I’m super stoked Sky can now be with Blake.

I didn’t get an update because of the stupid email opt in update
12/16/2022 c72 creativesmarts
Somehow the last thing I was expecting was for Reece to show up, but the second he did I knew he was going to pull out that gun. This was such a tense chapter, had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. I didn't expect Reece to die (maybe I should've, reminds me of another story you wrote, I won't say the title because obvious spoilers), I kind of wanted him to end up in prison, unable to see Sky for the rest of his days. But I think this made more sense, given how he is (was?!), and this way Skylar won't need to be looking over his shoulder anymore. I have so many thoughts, but I can't put them all into words right now, I wanted to at least leave a little review though.

I'm dying to know what happens next! I'm also holding out hope for more chapters of the Blake POV spin-off, I would love to see more of his perspective on things, but I understand completely if you leave that as a one-shot. Thank you so much for working so hard on this story, I always get really excited whenever I see a new chapter has been posted. I'm looking forward to whenever you're able to post more for us! Until then, take care, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season :)
12/13/2022 c72 OMG
WOW...i've been following this story for years and literally feel like i grew up alongside following updates, this chapter is one i've been anticipating and lowkey dreading for a while. I feel like I also got stockholm syndromed alongside Skylar because I am soo devasted about Reese despite everything OMG. I remember hoping that he would somehow get a redemption story with a different boy toy LOL but I kind of always knew this is what he deserved...I'm just so sad that it's finally here and we have to say goodbye to him OTL. I am a reese...defender! banzai, reese! Of course though I'm so happy for skylar, and feel like I can finally breathe after this. I've been waiting for the Blake arc for soo long and it's finally here, yay! Skylar deserves it omg.. thank you so much for sticking with this story and delivering for your readers, what you've written has been so enthralling and has stayed on my mind for literal years! I'm so excited to see how this story wraps up (and also so sad, I'll miss these characters and this story and I feel so old LOL). Something I do wish we got to see more of was Reese's backstory...i feel like there was so much more to this deeply flawed man than we ever got to see, or will ever know at this point now that he's gone. He really did keep to himself by the way of his past...I'll always wonder if there was someone who really could have fixed and understood him LOL. I will miss him dearly! Thank you again for an amazing chapter an amazing story! This feels like an early birthday present!
12/13/2022 c72 Karen
My review is the one prior to this. I just had to come back and read it again. I wanted to let you know that your trigger warning is at the end of the chapter, rather than where I think you might have intended it to be.

I'm anxiously waiting the next chapters to this story to see where it goes! I'm so happy that Sky has found his freedom but man, you kept me on the edge of my seat wondering how this would end. It was totally worth the wait!
12/11/2022 c72 Guest
I could scarcely read this update fast enough. Amazing ! Poor Sky and Blake but the pay off at the end was worth the ride! I'm going to enjoy the next few chapters and can't wait to see how you wrap this whole thing up! Thank you for the update and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
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