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for His Captor, His Savior

2/12 c73 13creativesmarts
Yay, I was so happy to see another chapter posted! I loved the conversation between Skylar and Blake. I'm looking forward to the interactions Sky will have with Sam and Dr. Carmin as well. Also if we'll see Mitch again. As always, looking forward to the next chapter, I'm also thrilled to hear you're working on Blake's spinoff. I'll take whatever you give us of this story. Thanks for continuing to work on it :)
1/15 c72 Guest
I have followed this story silently since 2016 and to finally see that Reece is gone is so reliving. Part of me is still paranoid that he's not fully gone. I'm terrible at commenting and probably won't comment again, but I just wanted to let you know that this story has been extremely captivating since I first picked it up. I have reread it at least four times now. Thank you for sharing.
12/30/2022 c72 AngelFaux
It’s finally come, it’s late but Happy Holidays and mErry Christmas.

I’m super stoked Sky can now be with Blake.

I didn’t get an update because of the stupid email opt in update
12/16/2022 c72 creativesmarts
Somehow the last thing I was expecting was for Reece to show up, but the second he did I knew he was going to pull out that gun. This was such a tense chapter, had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. I didn't expect Reece to die (maybe I should've, reminds me of another story you wrote, I won't say the title because obvious spoilers), I kind of wanted him to end up in prison, unable to see Sky for the rest of his days. But I think this made more sense, given how he is (was?!), and this way Skylar won't need to be looking over his shoulder anymore. I have so many thoughts, but I can't put them all into words right now, I wanted to at least leave a little review though.

I'm dying to know what happens next! I'm also holding out hope for more chapters of the Blake POV spin-off, I would love to see more of his perspective on things, but I understand completely if you leave that as a one-shot. Thank you so much for working so hard on this story, I always get really excited whenever I see a new chapter has been posted. I'm looking forward to whenever you're able to post more for us! Until then, take care, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season :)
12/13/2022 c72 OMG
WOW...i've been following this story for years and literally feel like i grew up alongside following updates, this chapter is one i've been anticipating and lowkey dreading for a while. I feel like I also got stockholm syndromed alongside Skylar because I am soo devasted about Reese despite everything OMG. I remember hoping that he would somehow get a redemption story with a different boy toy LOL but I kind of always knew this is what he deserved...I'm just so sad that it's finally here and we have to say goodbye to him OTL. I am a reese...defender! banzai, reese! Of course though I'm so happy for skylar, and feel like I can finally breathe after this. I've been waiting for the Blake arc for soo long and it's finally here, yay! Skylar deserves it omg.. thank you so much for sticking with this story and delivering for your readers, what you've written has been so enthralling and has stayed on my mind for literal years! I'm so excited to see how this story wraps up (and also so sad, I'll miss these characters and this story and I feel so old LOL). Something I do wish we got to see more of was Reese's backstory...i feel like there was so much more to this deeply flawed man than we ever got to see, or will ever know at this point now that he's gone. He really did keep to himself by the way of his past...I'll always wonder if there was someone who really could have fixed and understood him LOL. I will miss him dearly! Thank you again for an amazing chapter an amazing story! This feels like an early birthday present!
12/13/2022 c72 Karen
My review is the one prior to this. I just had to come back and read it again. I wanted to let you know that your trigger warning is at the end of the chapter, rather than where I think you might have intended it to be.

I'm anxiously waiting the next chapters to this story to see where it goes! I'm so happy that Sky has found his freedom but man, you kept me on the edge of my seat wondering how this would end. It was totally worth the wait!
12/11/2022 c72 Guest
I could scarcely read this update fast enough. Amazing ! Poor Sky and Blake but the pay off at the end was worth the ride! I'm going to enjoy the next few chapters and can't wait to see how you wrap this whole thing up! Thank you for the update and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
8/13/2022 c71 Guest
Happy ninth birthday to this fantastic piece of work!
7/18/2022 c71 Pickety
Yesss! I am so glad to know you keep writing! I was alsmost certain you abandoned the story - so imagine my surprise and joy when I saw there was another chapter.

I think this chapter was the one everyone was waiting for. Finally Sky meets Blake again AND can tell him (almost) everything that happened to him.
I really hope Blake can help him escape. Sky deserves a happy end. Hopefully you will be able to finish the story, maybe even publish it? I would buy it immediately!
7/14/2022 c71 Guest
This chapter had me squealing into my pillow. I can’t handle it. ITS SO GOOD AHH I can’t wait to see what happens next! 3
7/4/2022 c71 AngelFaux
Finally got around to reading this, and it's always such a treat to see an update. I like Blake's return to prominence, I wonder if Sky will have a happy ending with him, I hope so.
6/21/2022 c71 6Dragons-without-fire
Oh my goodness! I am so happy you updated! I thought you had given up on the story and I was very sad! This was a great chapter. I'm so glad Blake is back and that he's actually a decent human being. I'm looking forward to seeing the interaction between him, Sam and Dr. Carmen when they arrive at the house! Now that his secret is out there, I want to know how Sam and the Dr. will react to hearing that the man they called a friend actually manipulated them and abused a kid right under their nose. I'm also very excited to see how Sky goes with Blake around. I want to see him start changing for the better when he actually has a safe and supportive environment to be in. And of course, I'm excited for the drama I'm sure will occur when Reece find out about Blake and that Skyler has told people about their issues. Will he keep his word and attempt to kill in order to keep Sky? Will he flee? Will there be some epic showdown? Who knows, but I'm super excited to see what happens! Please keep the updates coming! xxx
6/17/2022 c71 mgold8
Wow! This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for continuing the story. I am DYING to know what is going to happen next. Somehow I don't think Reece is going to slither away quietly in to the night. I hope Blake kicks his ass and tortures him (Reece) for two years nonstop. I also hope that Dr Carmin and Sam are truly on Skylar's side. Hopefully we will all find out soon!
6/9/2022 c71 13creativesmarts
I was so anxious for the next chapter to be posted, and it was everything I'd hoped for! I wasn't expecting everything that happened this chapter, but I'm so glad things went the way they did. It was well worth the wait. I always read these chapters slowly to drag it out as long as possible, and I'm glad no one's around when I'm reading because I'm always so visibly excited, haha. I loved the buildup to Blake putting everything together, with Sky slipping up and dropping hints along the way. I could see the dots slowly connecting in his head as the chapter went on, and it was so satisfying to finally have everything out in the open. (Well, not everything. He still doesn't know about the creepy box of trophies...) I almost screamed from excitement when Sky slipped up with the "he's hurt me like this since he took me." I was laughing gleefully a good portion of the chapter, tbh.
Side note, I do feel a little bad for Andrew. He seemed to be nicer than I would have expected. Oops...
I'm super excited to see what happens next! Of course I would love if the next chapter was here tomorrow, but I also know how much time and energy it takes to write sometimes, especially with life happening. So I'll patiently wait, take as long as you need to post the next chapter. Thank you so much for continuing to update this story, I am SO invested and am always thrilled when I see there's a new chapter available and stop everything I'm doing to read it. I will definitely be here until the end, thanks for sticking with it :)
6/8/2022 c71 Guest
So amazing! Thank you for posting! It was painful but cathartic! Glad to get everything out in the open.

As always a very faithful reader!
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