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2/8/2016 c8 Guest
This is really good. I can't wait for another chapter.
4/21/2015 c5 3morningstorm70
Yeah a new chappy looking forward to the next post
4/12/2015 c5 4Robin deLynn
Enjoyed these chapters. I like the 'eel', he is funny. I look forward to the next chapter.
5/14/2014 c4 Kilian Grey
Ah, I've missed your writing. Good chapter makes me hungry for more. Vianis is a great POV...
3/28/2014 c3 3morningstorm70
Are you continuing with this story?
10/8/2013 c3 Kilian Grey
Shameless Vianis, well he has to do something to keep from being bored.
9/27/2013 c2 Kilian Grey
Ahem, his operation...which I have had yet trying to finish some leather work and a few chapters.
As always, love the chapter, love Cy...
9/7/2013 c1 Kaylin881
Sequel? Sequel! Yay! :D
8/24/2013 c1 Guest
oh snap! awesome first chapter!
8/21/2013 c1 Kilian Grey
Off to a rip roaring start, I really like it. Go Cy!

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