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5/21/2023 c42 Guest
I came back to this, just in case you'd finished it, and you had! This was such a beautiful ending to an incredibly well-thought out story, and I cannot express how glad I am that you returned. Is there anywhere else we can find you? I'd love to continue reading your work!
1/8/2023 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hey! I would like to invite you to join our platform to present a good quality story to our readers! Kindly send me a message if this offer piqued your interest!
7/29/2022 c42 Hissing Mist
It took me a while to actually read this, never thought that I'd be reading the end of Vulpine when I first went through it. I love how Sprite answered her question from all the way back in the beginning, and how the title of the chapter reflects the Prologue. In case you ever do decide to write a novella, I'll keep on alerts for you. I wish you luck in your endeavors! ~ Hiss 3
7/28/2022 c41 WickedCityy
yes! yessss they killed musk! yes!

still gotta read the epilogue but i'm so glad they're starting to heal and i'm glad their future is wide open, especially coming on the heels of all the torment everyone went through,
7/25/2022 c41 Hissing Mist
Sprite's story came back, as well as the Pan and Lorelei one. I always loved the stories that they ended up tellings. Koulder and Riven didn't die, which is a relief. Honestly, I'd forgotten that they would have to deal with heats since it hadn't been a focus in the story before. The idea of them moving around with the mini branches of the Skulls is an interesting concept. I hope that in the epilogue we get to see Sprite and Koulder interact, it was always so interesting to me how they influenced each other, or at least how Koulder took Sprite's stories to heart. Musk dying really shouldn't have surprised me as much as it had, and Mote's grief definitely surprised me, I'd forgotten that she'd been courting someone. I do hope that she and Holly make up. Trick and Faun really are complicated together, but it's nice to see them not scheming some ridiculous plan or fighting for their rights and lives. Trick having the name of Lilt had always confused me, never knew if it was her name and she just insisted to have everyone call her something else, or if no one else knew what her name was. My friend had to explain that one to me. Did you have the story planned out since the beginning, or were you piecing things together as you went along? Excited to see what's going to happen on Wednesday! ~ Hiss
7/22/2022 c40 WickedCityy
poor feo :( and poor athor :((((

I did not expect it to have been riven who killed toma, although i get why he did

but! koulder protecting sprite! and sage is here... i'm guessing he and musk are going to fight?
7/20/2022 c40 2Dearly Beloved Ensei
It's been so many years since I last read a story of yours. You probably don't remember me but I did RPG and post on your Vulpine forum all those years, despite the appeal for RPG foxes not lasting for all. I did have fun with the few friends I had online. I remember getting a notification about an update to your story and I couldn't believe this was revived! I was thrilled and this is such a nice closure to a story that has come a long way (in terms of understand hiatus) because life always triumphs. Anyway, thank you Prin, for being an awesome writer and author of your stories (and your Warriors, when they were popular for me). These stories got me hooked on learning about animals and I can still recall some fun facts about 'em which is superb. After the next chapter and epilogue I feel this is a nice way to wrap up this story about foxes making their own pathways into the world as we did our on. Take care, and until next time!
7/18/2022 c40 Hissing Mist
Ne, well this was a lot to process! More information has come to light, Koulder seems to be having a bit of a crisis. I can imagine how this would be fun to write. Sage showed, and it's lovely to see that Spirte's condition wasn't any worse than it ended up being. I sort of feel like Sage might die, like really soon... I'm going to need to go back and read this again, I'm starting to blank on the vixens and quite a bit of the lore. Excited to see what will happen next chapter, it's with Trick, right? I don't recall what she was doing last, but I'm going to assume that she's close. Got to see what's going to happen with the long-awaited showdown between Sage and Musk. Have a lovely day! ~ Hiss
7/13/2022 c39 WickedCityy
"he had found it all just in time to lose it" hnnnnng nooo,,

and then the runts talking to Toma just before they essentially go to their deaths :(((( this hurts

Grint having to kill his brother?

"Musk was the word he had been looking for. But the word that came to mind was me" oh,,

prin you updated only to break my heart. how could you
7/11/2022 c39 Hissing Mist
Well, that was undoubtedly a surprise after all these years, I dropped my phone when I checked my email and found that Vulpine of all things had updated. Love your writing, from your fanfiction days to the other stories on here. Glad that you're actually going to finish this story, I'm far too invested in it for my own good. I know that NORTH was a big project of yours back then, did you ever get around to finishing it up?

Since you said you won't continue being active on here anymore, would there be other sites to find you at, like Twitter perhaps? You inspired me to attempt and write something, even if all of those plans failed in the end, so I guess it'd be nice to see if you're still around once in a while. You're definitely one of my favorite writers out there.

This was a wonderful chapter, highly anticipated and terribly grim with saying goodbye to all of the lovely foxes. Still wondering what happened to Sprite last chapter though...

~ Hiss 3
7/11/2022 c39 Nightstar of Moonclan
Holy shit holy shit I can’t believe you’re back. I loved your writing since the warrior fanfiction days and I was really sad when I discovered that Vulpine wasn’t finished and you hadn’t been active for years. This is the best surprise I could’ve possibly woken up to 33
You said you won’t be active on here; is there someone else we could find you, like Twitter or something? You’ve been a huge inspiration for me since the beginning and one of my biggest writing role models and I’d hate to never read anything from you ever again.
This was a beautiful chapter and I’m so so glad that you’re back, at least for a little while. Lots of love!
6/29/2022 c38 WickedCityy
nnnng I read this a while ago and never actually reviewed it even though I meant to but.

gosh. this story hurts. the premise was really interesting and your writing's really smooth so this was easy to read but just. the fact that we're so close to the end and everyone's STILL insistent on playing by the skulk's rules and picking who gets to go back to the skulk instead of just. banding together and killing Musk and ALL getting to live... *shakes them* THERE'S A BETTER WAY
3/17/2021 c38 Hissing Mist
Hi, I've read all of your warrior stories on FFN, I don't know if it matters really but we chatted a bit. And I was wondering if you were ever going to finish this story.
7/18/2020 c1 StarBurst
Hi, I don't know if you're active anymore but I just wanted to tell you that I love your story! I also think it's cool how you've written so much and your improvement is so clear. I've read a lot of your stories on and I liked them all, but this one is clearly the best! Hope you have a nice day and that you're still writing!
10/16/2018 c38 Guest
I have been waiting for over a year for you to write the last three chapters. Please!
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