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for A Roaming House

9/5/2013 c1 16John-the-H-is-silent
This poem does a really good job of capturing a feeling of lonesomeness..
"More company amidst the wandering ghosts, Flowers of dusty stems, Floating in air, Drifting aboard a cloudless ship... And this space would inevitably, forever, Feel like home"
... How lonesome and obscure. I felt it... Really good poem... I hope things are going okay..
9/5/2013 c1 28Helen Cole
I love the line, "drifting aboard a cloudless ship". Beautiful imagery. I'm having a hard time interpreting some of this poem, but I can see it's written in such a way that it must have deep meaning to you. Wonderful writing. If you could take a few minutes to read and review one of my stories, i would really appreciate it. It's called "On the Other End of the Phone". I am working to finally finish it and could really use some constructive criticism, if you wouldn't mind.

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