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10/11/2013 c4 3fireicegirl16
I now like Airman Zephyr! She better be with him
10/5/2013 c3 fireicegirl16
Your details are so beautiful. Makes be feel like I'm in the story. Perfect. However I saw a mistake. You wrote, "perhaps we could talk about this IS private?" Found it nd thought I should let u noe. But I live it!
9/27/2013 c2 19Alaeryel
BEAUTIFUL-great writing and descriptive beyond belief. I cannot wait for more of this story Ney. Again I didn't notice anything that needed changing at all. Your characters so far are amazing and seem to suit their names perfectly. The creativity of your mind is amazing and the plot and story thus far is very intriguing!
9/27/2013 c1 Alaeryel
Well I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and it left me wanting to find out more about it and wishing there were already several chapters for me to read but alas I will just have to be patient and wait. I think it was very well written, easy to read which is a big bonus in my book. I could feel the love the King shared for his Queen and vice versa. I can honestly say I didn't find anything that needed to be pointed out. GREAT JOB!
9/27/2013 c2 3fireicegirl16
I was reading this in the store nd kept smacking my face into the walls. Loved it though despite the throbbing in my forehead
9/24/2013 c1 2edustar06
Wow, I really like this. I can't wait to read more, update soon!
9/21/2013 c1 Guest
It sounds great please write more quickly, I sound a bit greedy but I can't wait for more!
9/21/2013 c1 3fireicegirl16
Yay! I actually like it. Usually I'm not into the whole faerie/fairy kingdom stuff but you make it sound interesting. I'm sorry to hear about Wolfy Instincts but you do what makes you feel better. It's your story after all. :) keep up. Thethe good work
9/21/2013 c1 Guest
nice. I like it.

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