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5/13/2014 c1 12ahorizonforthenewbirds
You are getting better with every poem, and you started off amazing too. :)
I like the imagery in this; it was a bit odd when it started right away with the fish, but the imagery made me picture a beautiful summer night near a river. I love rivers.
The "good foot, bum foot" was a bit startling because you always expect the good/bad comparison, but I liked it and the word itself made the rhyme seem more child-like.
It's so short but there's quite a bit of action - walking, hiding, the mention of singing and composing. I love the last four lines of the poem, from "Hibernation" to "transformation". They're really beautiful and very vivid, too; the line about hibernation is emotional.
The poem made me think about growing up and the fear of change.
It's really beautiful and I love the emotion from it. The only things that I found a bit strange was "always from her". The line "one well-tethered memory" made me curious as to what the memory was. Is the writer running away from it, from his own contradictions?

It's a wonderful poem and I enjoyed reading it. Good job :)

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