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6/22/2020 c1 brunique
I’ve been following this Author and story for the last decade and I’m still here 5 years later hoping for an update x please finish the story
4/26/2020 c26 Kay
Hi. Just want to let you I am still checking for any kind of update occasionally, just in case there’s something with email notification. I also reread your other stories because it feels good reading well written stories and you are my favorite author. Please keep writing. Thank you.
7/30/2019 c26 Mikariangel
Hello! Dont know if you still check this or if you're still writing, but just wanted to say that I love this story! The character development and plot are all amazing:))) keep writing! Also would love to see something from Andrew's POV
5/5/2019 c26 Guest
Are you going to finish this book?
12/28/2018 c25 1Du
So, I just reread this again, because once you start with a Williams kick, you just have to finish with them all. I had forgotten how much this story moved me- as much as I love all the other Williams’ stories (including The Catch!) this one is so profound and complex that it pulls at all my strings, and not just because of all the photography (for which I am a sucker), but because of how difficult and real everything seems and how well you manage to convey it all. Violet is so normal that it is extremely easy to relate to her... Damn. I love this one so much! Because of Violet, because of Andrew and Abigail, because of Paul, and because of all the Williams and how well they interact with each other (such an endearing family!). I cannot express well enough how impressive I find what you have done with all these characters, and how brilliant I find your writing. I keep wishing you finish this story, but even if you don’t I’m quite happy with everything as it is, because even if Violet’s happy ending is not here yet (and even though I really need her to have one), their relationship right now is too flawed and imperfect- and that is real, very real. So if you ever add on to this story, I hope you continue with this line of writing: their relationship is so full of mistakes on both parts that it has a lot to go through yet before they get anywhere ‘happy’- if they do get there. But that’s just my take, whatever you decide to do with this story, whether you make them fix it all quickly, draw out the angst or even make Andrew go back to Abigail- I would be really happy to read and review. And if you don’t continue this- well that’s our loss, really.
Sorry for such long review, I just really wanted to show some appreciation for your writing.
I hope life is giving you everything you want from it. Happy holidays! :)
10/30/2018 c26 REGRETABLE
Ughhhh - I love this. Seriously love it. I hope you decide to update!
10/29/2018 c9 REGRETABLE
Ok, so far - LOVE THIS. the only thing I didn't care for was this idea that she's "fallen for him" and all of her reasons are very self centered. 'andrew told me not to let my sister get to me, Andrew saved me while I was drunk' - although they do show a few good characteristics Andrew is made of, she really doesn't know much about him - it would have been amazing to hear her talk about who he is as a man, or the actual character in those actions. It just felt like she was so focused on what he was doing for her or what he can bring to her, versus who he is as an individual. If you do ever decide to edit or revise this story, I would hope you would amend that, and maybe add in some more moments where she can get to know him as a whole.

I really love this story though- it's adorable and sweet.
8/17/2018 c26 Jean
Just wanted to drop by and say I've really enjoyed this story. I read it while I was going through a tough time and it provided a much needed escape. I hope it will be finished one day so that I can know the ending.
7/22/2018 c26 Guest
Please please please update this!
4/20/2018 c26 5marzmez
Aaaw geez! You had to leave it there? Ok, so, I usually don't follow stories that haven't been updated in over a year, but I have read almost all your stories and love them all. I am going to follow this story and have a little faith that you will finish it. Although, I noticed you make very few mistakes, you were requested a beta. I volunteer. If you need a reference, I work for Talia Rhea. Look her up. She's got some fantastic stories!
3/21/2018 c1 hooked
no matter how long it would take, please continue to update this story...I look forward to what would happen to their story. Please.
2/8/2018 c26 Guest
I miss andrew and violet
2/8/2018 c26 Dee
I miss andrew n violet
1/23/2018 c26 Guest
help! you have to update this! hahaha i'm driven to curiosity just dying to know the end! :) just re-read this for the umpteenth time.. i love the characters.. aww please do! if not i'll just have to make it up in my head!
1/15/2018 c26 2Clawstrike590
So, I know you haven't update this in over 2 years, but I thought it would be nice to nudge you and ask if you have any interest (or time) to continue this? It would be really nice if you did, though :D

Just wanted to say how good this and the stories with the rest of the Williams siblings are. You describe really well.

Have a good one!
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