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5/30/2014 c1 jennymorgan0123
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3/17/2014 c10 22dear-llama
Aaand the story about Max is out! Aw, I feel so sorry for him. Jack, too. I love how Jack really rises to the challenge of taking responsibility of his brother at such a young age. And I really like that he donated to the sperm bank for a reason other than it was a mistake he made in his youth (which usually tends to be the reason for stories with the sperm bank angle). I feel really bad for Sylvia too. Their sad pasts really makes me wish they'll finally be able to find happiness with each other.
3/7/2014 c9 dear-llama
Ooh, cliffhanger! This is making me really curious about Jack's reaction to Sylvia's mention of Max. I wonder what's going on...
3/4/2014 c8 dear-llama
Aww. That scene right at the end was so sweet. That memory of Sylvia's about Pete and Jim too. I'm really liking Jack now. Also, that quote he said, about the universe conspiring to make something happen... It totally reminded me of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. Was it a reference to that? Anyway, great chapter, the story's really coming along well! :)
2/24/2014 c7 zyx321
A fun chapter. Look forward to seeing MAx
2/23/2014 c7 dear-llama
Aww. Loving how Jack is bonding with the kids and Sylvia. That was really cute :D
2/13/2014 c6 dear-llama
Oh gosh, I realised you changed your summary, I really love it! It sounds all mysterious and poetic XD this chapter was great, I love seeing jack and Sylvia's relationship slowly unfold... That conversation they had when they were alone was really interesting, it's great that we get to learn more about both of them. I do wonder what jack's statement was direct at though...? Did he have a past love? Ahh, update soon! :)
2/13/2014 c6 4Veronica Fay
Going great so far! I'm really enjoying this
2/12/2014 c6 Guest
Hi! This is really good! I like the interactions between her and jack! It feels real
2/4/2014 c5 22dear-llama
Aww, these scenes between Jack and Sylvia are so sweet! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. And you're really good at describing the landscape, the imagery is so vivid, it's almost like I'm there as well. Ah, lovely chapter. Great job, do update soon! :)
2/4/2014 c5 Guest
Too cute!
1/30/2014 c4 dear-llama
Aw, jack's a natural with those kids, isn't he? The scene of him telling the twins a bedtime story was just so sweet. I feel the budding romance between him and Sylvia, can't wait to see how it develops! (And ooh, the mention of Sam here is intriguing haha.) great job, keep writing!
1/30/2014 c3 zerocharisma
Author-sama your story has certainly undergone major changes,the light mood of the story has disappeared and the overall tone of the story is much darker and depressing- will you continue the whole story with the angsty tone? I know I said I liked the previous cheery and bubbly atmosphere of your story but I must admit I like the new version much yeah there goes my confession: angst and mystery are my stuff.
I remember telling you that I was hoping for something dramatic and twisted,it's like you answered my wishes- that makes me smile so much-I know I'm just assuming.
I've tons of questions but I guess they will be revealed in later chapters. Okieee-update soon!
1/20/2014 c1 Guest
Awww. Is this a rewrite? :(
Got me a teary! I know I'll love it just as much as the previous one :3
1/16/2014 c3 Rosewood Key
OMG! This is such a great story story! I love the plot and jacks character! Please update!
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