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for The Legend of the Sky-Titans: The Son of Alpha

3/15/2020 c3 6Darth Zannacross
Sounds like a heated day at the Market, thankfully for them its not a panic going on so its not TO crazy...for now, though if this kid has a plague on him all bets are off.

Damn, things got dire fast, hopefully won't lead to anything extreme.
3/15/2020 c2 30Starart152
This is a good chapter to see how Michael is struggling through summer heat. As for the other man they met in the city, he is a bit worrisome of the danger coming soon.
I really like how the world is slowly building, chapters by chapters. From how the citizens of the village lives from their perception of the rest of the world.
3/14/2020 c1 Starart152
This is a nice chapter that offered us a nice introduction to the main character and his sister. It's clear they have a close relationship with this little.
We know that his life in the farm isn't an easy one and he is struggling to keep his sister safe. It made Michael quickly likable.
3/13/2020 c2 6Darth Zannacross
Well, the chapter shows just how hostile the world is in your story, and rather messed up to if Dry soil counts as fruit, oy.

We will see if this is a trick or not next time I guess.
3/11/2020 c1 Darth Zannacross
Hey there , just looking around and saw this story looks rather cool so I thought I would give it a shot.

We start off seeing this Nya has a lot to deal with to say the least, seems like this is a rather bleak world but, hope they can find a way to reach a happier life, guess we will hopefully see soon eh?
2/13/2020 c2 15maskedhero100
Yeah...i'd say that guy is getting his fruit to peddle from the bottom of a whisky bottle.

Some parts and sentences were a bit clunky and seemed to clash, but i'm no grammar or conjunction or whatever it is expert.

Overall it didn't take away from the experience or pull me out of the story.

I rather liked that passage about kids being able to so easily enter their own fictional worlds to escape reality...I like to think that's the one thing about childhood that writers never really let go of when they get older.
2/7/2020 c1 maskedhero100
I have to admit, I found that part with Michael and his sister Nya to be cute.

Also I'm not sure I understand what happened to their mother, but I assume that will be explained later on.

I saw a few things that stood out like "The more older i get, the more wise I become...more like my Old man.- If Only I was more like him." which seemed a little...broken.

I think the better wording and punctuation would be "The older I get, the wiser I Become. Just like my Old Man...If Only I was more like him." but that's just me.

First chapters are always the hardest.

Looking forward to see where this goes.
7/25/2017 c4 Pinksamurai1014
Cool. You just have one thing..you have thames didn't reply twice when older bro said "you don't know".
7/11/2017 c33 5DeadPoolKnight
what a great ending.
7/5/2017 c7 50KH777
Another good chapter. I wonder what's wrong with Thames?
7/4/2017 c32 5DeadPoolKnight
Dude you've done it again. I cant wait for the final chapter
7/1/2017 c31 DeadPoolKnight
Dude this whole story was fantastic. I like the futuristic steampunk aspect and the action scenes are on point.
Also how close are the neomen to human? Because i kinda picture them as Reptile of Mortal Kombat
6/26/2017 c30 356Imaginary Immortal
Chapters 26-30 were packed with a lot of action and fun
6/26/2017 c1 1KaeNicole
First chapter complete! Alright, you have officially made me interested and I feel like binge-reading this. This is written very well and I already am in love with the characters. Twenty nine more chapters to go! :-)
6/24/2017 c2 Pinksamurai1014
Really ok..that guy seem strange lol.
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