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for As Time Goes By (Second Ending)

5/15/2014 c25 KHarvey
I think the General loves Grace very much and I respect that he refuses to leave his wife for her. It's a complicated storyline with complicated characters. I personally, enjoyed the taunt exchanges between the General and JD. I can't wait to read the other story. I even think about these people throughout my day because it's like they really lived and struggled through WWII. It's like finding old letters that have been stored away for years.
5/12/2014 c25 StarGateLover
I think CPAReader was right. This is a very grown-up story about true to life characters that make mistakes in life and have serious flaws. Not to everyone's tastes I would imagine but I have always understood where Groves was coming from and his character or lack of it, LOL, would mean that he would not step aside graciously. Charles had the sweet ending but JD had the real life one. I hope that Grace can find some sort of happiness given the situation. I don't know what I feel at this stage but it's been a roller coaster ride. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
5/9/2014 c25 Waverlygurl
I admit I skipped over the voyeurism angle because it appalled me and it made me dislike JD's character even more that he put Grace through that. But I did like that Grace got a bit of a happy ending, just as she did with Charles. I think with a few edits and some additional fleshing out, this could actually be submitted to a publishing house that specializes in romance novels to see if they'd be interested in publishing it.
5/6/2014 c25 KateyD
Why can't the General just leave Grace and JD alone? I don't understand the way this ended. I guess it's like real life but I wanted a fairy tale ending. LOL. Still JD stood up to the man and he clearly loves Grace. I'll be happy with that. I loved the story! Hurry and write another one. I always looked forward to you posting. You make me laugh especially when it's been a bad day.
5/6/2014 c25 CPAReader
One is left with the impression, Grace is going to have a very adventuresome life ahead of her with these two men in it. I'm glad you let us know where the General stood in all this. I was afraid the last chapter was it. I did have some laughs and good memories were stirred by this story. I enjoy your style of writing and am looking forward to whatever it is you will tackle next. Good story, believable characters and hard decisions make with a certain grace. You know how to hold a reader's attention and touch his heart. Good job!
5/4/2014 c25 1Greyleaf
I know you intimated that the General’s story would have an ‘iffy’ ending, but, I admit to being surprised. It was a novel way to get your readers firmly in the ‘J.D. and Grace’ camp and put an end to the possibility of her ending up with the General. Not that the whole voyeurism thing wouldn’t work for some women; just not Grace. I liked the way that J.D. was finally able to commit to Grace and how they both came to terms with their feelings for each other. I had to laugh, though, when you finally revealed what the initials ‘JD’ stood for. Burdened with a name like that, it’s no wonder he had major issues even *before* what he experienced in the war. A good story. Thanks for sharing it with us and for all of the research and hard work you put into it.
4/25/2014 c10 KHarvey
I am reading the second ending first because the first line of chapter one grabbed my attention and then I didn't want to stop but I will definitely read your first story. I actually put aside a romance novel I had bought to read this. It is that good! You should be published. I'm serious. I love these characters. They seem so real.
4/20/2014 c24 Guest
I like the other ending better but this one was good too. I like the humor of both stories.
4/20/2014 c19 Greyleaf
I came back to this story at the right time! Geez, that was hot. They do seem to argue a lot, even when they're having sex. The best part (of the argument, that is) was that they both admitted their love for each other. Looking forward to catching up.
4/18/2014 c24 StarGateLover
Best line? "Not to mention, all that time I plan to spend between your legs doing all sorts of ungodly things." OMG! Is that man sizzling or what? I asked for JD to deliver and boy, did he ever! What a sweet, heartfelt proposal but in the end, those two star crossed lovers came through with flying colors, reverting to the easy connection between them, which always produces a good laugh, even in such a tender moment. I could just picture them both, down on their knees, saying those words to each other. I loved this how this chapter ended and if this is the end of the story, then a more fitting one could not have been written!
4/17/2014 c24 Guest
A lovely proposal, very heartfelt but loved the fun part afterwards too.
4/17/2014 c24 CPAReader
Your dialog is some of the best I've ever read. I find myself laughing unexpectedly and it's just very nice to share your character's wonderful sense of humor. It's always pleasant to be around such people but you've made an art of the subtle put-down! LOL. I think JD handled the proposal very well. Again, with the trademark humor I have grown to love. If this is the end, then, I for one, am going to be sadly bereft. I will miss these people very much. But, I don't think the General will take this news lying down. Hopefully?
4/16/2014 c24 KateyD
The most romantic proposal ever! I laughed! I cried. Well, I actually did tear up. I knew JD could pull it off. I just knew it! He is so hot! I love how he asked the question! I was so worried there for a while! Thank you for the best ending ever!
4/16/2014 c23 CPAReader
I loved the line about the Priest having to throw Holy Water on Grace! LOL. And the loony bin line? We prefer to call it Happy Dale, General! LOL! Those two never fail to make me chuckle. I love that aspect about your writing. The humor is your trademark. Well, it seems both Grace and Groves are having a hard time committing. I am enjoying the drama and pathos. But the humor is what keeps me coming back for more.
4/15/2014 c23 Guest
The General is twisting the situation to his advantage. He knows how to work Grace. But he is married and the other guy isn't. Interesting plot twist. I wonder how you will resolve it.
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