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for Sinking Ships

12/18/2013 c1 7Red1999
This is... a quite pessimistic view on life... Do you really think no dreams ever come true? :/
I do like the style! I love your use of metaphores, they really work here :) I can't say I completely agree with you, though. Things go wrong many times, yes. But not always. Dreaming is like gambling: It's dangerous because losing is hard, but it makes winning that much better! (I just made that up, and since I've never gambled in my life, it probably doesn't make sense at all. I hope you get my point :P) Heh, but my thoughts probably aren't all that important to you...
Anyway, good poem :) I don't think you necessarily need to continue; it's all right the way it is. It might become a bit repetitive if you add too much. But that's your choice, of course ;)
x Red
PS: Sorry for rambling .

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