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for A Healing Whisper

1/8/2014 c11 Ashley M
God I'm so in love with your characters. Rider is a riot, as you can practically feel the internal debate he has with wanting bell and still maintaining the demon persona. I'm liking your other wolf demon too. He brings great comic relief to your story. Belle is also wonderful though I warn about making her too Mary Sue. It doesn't seem that way now, but just watch out for that. She's a really good character but I've read too many stories where the main girl becomes too perfect. Just make sure to point out her flaws every once in a while :) but I really love the story! Keep it up!
1/7/2014 c10 Dontgiveuponmeyet
Ok.. So I usually lurk on fanfiction, but I got bored and deceded to hit up the press.. Let me just start off by saying, "I'm a pure bred, you bastard." Is the mosg hilarious thing I have ever heard. All time favorite line. Now on to more interesting details. I loved this story right of the bat. You see I'm a ginger (red haired girl.) And in many folklores a ginger is a soul eating demon, so when in this story Belle turned out to be the angel I instantly fell in love. Can I just say, Rider. Is. PERFECT?! Ok, I'm done with the ranting. :) UPDATE!
1/7/2014 c10 1Fair to Midland my children
soooo cute!
1/7/2014 c10 Z-4Charmed
i'm in love with your story already... so please keep updating :)
1/7/2014 c10 green07already
Imagine my great delight when i see you have updated once again! :D like ive said before i absolutely love your story, your characters and the direction your going with it.! Cant wait to read more!
1/7/2014 c10 justfine92
great chapter! thanks for all the quick updates
1/7/2014 c10 CarrotLover66
Aww.. Caius is protrayed so nicely in this chapter! Funny how I ended up liking him... but I like the love triangle idea :) In the end though i'd want Rider to win her over!
1/7/2014 c10 serendipitous2
OMG! WAAAAAAH! You are totally making me a fan girl of both guys xD HAHA :)) I love them boooooth xD HAHA :)) I like this chapter and there DEFINITELY needs more info on Caius xD HAHA waaaaah xD HAHA :)) I want to know more about him xD HAHA xD GOSH! I can't choose between them! I need them both xD HAHA

Sorry for my fan girl review xD HAHA :)) My head is still in the clouds with Rider and Caius so I won't be making a proper review :P But i'm sure my feelings for this story have been explained pretty well xD so since my mind is elsewhere, i'll just have to say I look forward to the next chapter, thank you for the speedy update, and i'll give a better review next time (well…. i probably still might start it with a fan girl comment xD but i'll put in more good stuff, basically, a better more informative review xD HAHA)

till the next update! -
1/6/2014 c9 green07already
Absolutely love the introduction of a new character! I think Caius should fall in love with Belle (in a brother sister way)and team up with Rider so they can save her from the people that are going to hunt her! Anyways that's just an opinion. Feel free to do whatever you wish with it. :) Ill be expecting your new post with great anticipation! :D
1/6/2014 c9 Songbird227
I've been wondering about the art work you were talking about. Did you draw the cover of Belle? Simply marvellous :) thanks for updating so quickly.
1/6/2014 c9 Jester79
Caius - what a curious individual. Apparently bent on disruption. Will it be explained how he came to be hurt? I'm wondering if what she saw through Rider is the destruction of her village or something else.
1/6/2014 c9 skye real
I like that Belle is trying hard to reach out to Rider. This Caius character is definitely fill of. Mischief. I can't decide if i like him yet or not.
1/6/2014 c9 justfine92
LOVE TRIANGLE! caius belle and rider
1/6/2014 c9 serendipitous2
I read all 9 chapters today xD HAHA :P I LOVE this new story of yours :P it's very interesting and exciting! HAHA :) I love this new twist :P It'll be interesting if Caius falls in love with her and Rider will end up having competition :P HAHAHA :))) well, all's fair in love and war :P and it'll be more fun if there's competition xD HAHAHA :) SO yeah! can't wait for the next chapter, looking forward to what will happen next xD HAHAHA :)) but what I know for sure, it'll be fun and funny xD HAHAHA thanks for this awesome story! keep up the good work :)

*stares at e-mail and wishes for the next chapter update email to arrive*
HAHA xD I ceremoniously check my email for updates on this story :P

till the next chapter update!
1/5/2014 c9 CarrotLover66
Oooh... Riders gonna be pissed.. Caius's presence surprisingly doesnt bother me so much. He should, because he could harm Belle and all but he doesn't.. Maybe its how he's characterized.. but anyway, the last two chapters were amazing! Keep it going!
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