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for A Healing Whisper

5/13/2014 c28 ScarletDusk
I love this plot and it was very well-written! I shed a tear or two when I thought Belle was dead and I smiled and laughed at the playful scenes. :') Thank you for publishing such an incredible work! Keep it up! :D
4/8/2014 c27 Elle Winters 9
Oh also I would love a sequel if you had ideas on where this should go. However, if it would feel forced, don't do it as this was a great ending. A lot of the time sequels are written and they don't seem to have a purpose or add anything and it becomes a bit of a let down. But please continue if you can as I loved your characters and feel that perhaps I could get to learn more about them, perhaps a spin-off on Trinity for example? I don't know, just an idea.
4/8/2014 c28 Elle Winters 9
I absolutely loved it. Couldn't stop reading and it made me late to a dinner! But really amazing what you wrote. Some grammar mistakes, but forgiven (surprisingly as I tend to be a nazi about it) considering the plot was so intriguing and your story was so well written. I haven't had such a good read in awhile and I was pleasantly surprised so thank you :) I can't wait to read more of your work!
4/5/2014 c12 bluee
This has been absolutely amazing, you have been so original, plot and suspense interesting enough to keep grasped, and simple enough tto follow, mysterious enough to keep us on our toes. BRILLIANT stuff so far ive read non stop till now and i've gotta sleep but cant wait to finish yr story, whooop!
LOVE the character pairings as well. Love loe love it
3/29/2014 c28 mindlessbee
Wow,i practically fell in love with your unique n just heartstopping.u definately have a brilliant look forward to any for bringing belle back to life i actualy shed real tears when she n lots of love to you
3/23/2014 c28 3ReaderPossessed
ITS OVERRRRRRRR *hiccups while sobbing* Wonderful story! I'm gonna miss these characters... At least, until the sequel? *hopeful voice* There'll be a sequel right? Cuz I want one! And I know other people want one! So... I'll miss this one. I always got so excited when I saw the update alert in my email! Love as always! Until next time... *smirks* You know you love us enough to create a sequel! *disappears*
3/21/2014 c28 jmeec316
Very engaging story! Thank you for sharing all of your hard work with us!
3/21/2014 c28 SkyChild77
*hiccuping* *wipes away what's left of the tears* T-That was soo cute! I DIDN'T WANT IT TO END! Oh my, *fans eyes* I will always love this story... Please make a sequel? I mean I just can't get enough of it, I broke into a huge smile when I saw you updated but then broke into tears when I saw the words "The End". God, just don't stop! I beg of you. Haha, okay well, Imma go wipe my face once more of its tears and anticipate when you either update another one of your stories or make a sequel to Healing Whisper. Either one is fine with me! Alrighty then, I've babbled enough! Sayonara authoress!
3/21/2014 c28 skye real
Aawww the end already. I'll miss these 3 - Belle, Rider Nd Caius. What a beautiful ending. Awesome work!
3/21/2014 c28 augmentedDREAMS

I was crying throughout the chapter. It has come to an end. I can't believe it. I hate it when good things come to an end. I hate it when great things come to an end!

Reading this story has been a wonderful journey, and I'm not going to miss it because you're going to write a sequel. Right?
3/19/2014 c27 Sepelrastas
Wonderful story 3 Lovely read, thank you!
3/17/2014 c27 skye real
Love the ending of this chapter! So glad they fought hard and well for their love. I'll be sad to see these two go. Great work!
3/16/2014 c27 SkyChild77
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! O.M.G! I was SOOOO close to balling! Ahhhh! I gotta give it to ya', that was one hell of a chapter. Definitely one of the best I've ever read. I usually don't really like endings because jm a clingy kinda person, I don't like letting go and also because not everybody knows how to end things the RIGHT way and that could ruin my entire opinion on both the author and their story no matter how great the plot might have been in the beginning; call me picky or whatever. But Damn! You are such a great author! I loved every single thing about this story! Even the ending, no matter how sad it made me. ,) *sniffles* Happy tears! Ah, but I'm so happy you're making at least one more chapter. Can't wait! .
3/16/2014 c27 meow
fantastic story this is. i was afraid that there was gonna be sad ending, but i always knew that this would end happily. i'm so happy & exited for the last chapter. :)
3/16/2014 c27 augmentedDREAMS

I was literally crying when Belle died! DX I was all like- "Belle, you stupid idiot!"

And I was dreading you really were going to kill her off. I mean really really. Thank YOU, she's okay. Phew. The end of the chapter was so nice. :')

Although, it pains me to see the end of this story, I can't wait for the next chapter.
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