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8/28/2015 c21 AJAmbrolleigns
Haven't read this in a long time... Im glad Rhys and Sam are discussing their feelings about Jason and each other.
2/2/2015 c5 AJAmbrolleigns
Good story.
2/11/2014 c18 2MellaTheKnightmare
Aw, poor Jason... ;_; And poor Sam, too... *big dramatic voice* Will Jam ever get a happy ending? XD

And that kiss is... yep, more erotic when it's in context. XD
And I see a couple 'hints' at what will happen in the next chapter... ;)
1/27/2014 c17 MellaTheKnightmare

It was hilarious when Jason went to buy lube and condoms, but so sweet when he talked to Sam!

And Sam deserves a gold star for being more concerned about Jason than himself.:')

And Marry was adorable, too! :3
1/26/2014 c16 MellaTheKnightmare
T-there's gonna be gay sex... between my OTP.
*throws arms up in air*
Sam and Jason are just too cute!

And kudos to Rhyson for not taking advantage of Jason wallowing in gayngst
I knew you wouldn't write a dub/noncon scene, Matt! TuT

And Shane got a cameo. I'm happy with that. XD
1/11/2014 c15 MellaTheKnightmare
... I knew it. I knew I'd be way off and it'd be one of the girls. XD
The symbolic hair-cutting I did that IRL, too, actually. XD

And yay, Shane made an appearance! :D Along with Marry
(I actually know a guy named 'Shane' IRL who sorta accidentally introduced me to yaoi. XD)
1/8/2014 c14 MellaTheKnightmare
Jason is realizing his gayness... perfect! :3
And I like the way you made it happen, cos it was pretty realistic. (Coming from someone that had realize their gayness themselves XD)

And I notice that Sam didn't freak out when Rhys called Jason 'his guy'... Great. XD

Oh, and it's been a while, Matt, so hello! :)
12/27/2013 c13 MellaTheKnightmare
Mmhmmm, straight. Of course :3
Cos straight men cuddle with fellow straights. XD

And poor depressed Chelsea... I hope she cheers up. :')
12/21/2013 c12 MellaTheKnightmare
Shoot, I didn't notice that a new chapter went up. O.O Matt, I think you should probably just PM me and tell me... cos I'm bad at remembering to check. XD Anyway...

Of course Shane would be watching Sam and Jason sleep... He probably had the :3 face on the whole time. Little creeper. XP

And yeeesss, Luisa deserved to get punched. ;/ For everything she did to Harry. :'(
Marry will always prevail! But I can sense that she'll try to get revenge... draaaaama.

Anyway, with Rhys... he's still pulling for Rhyson, isn't he? XD Poor guy... well, I guess he could be paired with Shane sometime... but I actually wouldn't prefer that. XD You know, some characters are just better by themselves. :P
12/21/2013 c11 MellaTheKnightmare
*silently screaming*
Dude. They are not just friends anymore. I'm pretty sure guy friends don't hold each others' hands and fall asleep while in a sweet embrace. X3

And Shane's description sounds really cool! But it's a little early to test my theory, I think. O.o
12/21/2013 c10 MellaTheKnightmare
Christ, Mike just read my mind at the end. XD
Yeah, a nice (platonic XD) little sleepover in the mountains is just what Jam needs. Pfft.

Oh no, don't tell me the goth guy lives in a cave or something, and he accidentally scares Jason and Sam. XD

Oh, and nice touch with the Facebook thing. It was cute. :D
12/20/2013 c9 MellaTheKnightmare
Awwwwww, what a cute chapter! X3
Alright, let's see if I can mention all of my favorite parts...

First, Sam being jealous right before the Rhyson date... hehehe, sneaking a Jam moment in there. XD Oh, and was that movie based off of... Amnesia? (Not the otome, obviously. :P) And hey, I noticed that while Jason clearly refused Rhys' physical contact, he never says anything about the nickname. ;3

And Marry is now official?! (For right now, anyway. XD) *throws rainbow confetti*
And there's another difference between boys and girls, I presume... If it's two girls, and one's unsure about her sexual orientation (and they're both friends), both of them would usually talk more before slapping the "Girlfriends" label on. I think. XD
But hey, kudos to Harry for keeping up with Mike! :D
12/20/2013 c8 MellaTheKnightmare
Thanks to Rhys, I'm torn between Jam and Rhyson. XD
Also, thanks for more info on Rhys. Now he doesn't feel like just a side character anymore. (I almost screamed at his text message, though. Is proper spelling too much to ask for? XD Heh, just kidding.)

And Harry's a bike rider, huh? XD Pfft, Mike's just as awkward as he is. Marry's probably the most humorous pairing of them all. :P
12/18/2013 c7 MellaTheKnightmare
So many ships! O3O
My newest one is Rhys/Jason... Rhyson? (Sounds like Verizon. XD)

And dude, I didn't expect Jason to have been a Trick. (That's the right term, no?) O.O

Draaaaaama. :3
12/18/2013 c6 MellaTheKnightmare
Whoa whoa whoa. What? O.O
My eyes are bugging out over here.
Jason and Rhys have... history? ;3
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