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for r9kElsa Is Suffering

9/28/2015 c6 zayl777
LOL'd hard at "horny teenagers". Wonderful description, really, if I try to remember what a mall looks like :D For some reason I had an elaborate five minute daydream about hitting on a mall salesperson who was on drugs. I guess it's the novelty of the idea that struck me so. Also, typed elsaborate accidentally, before spellcheck caught it. The fuck is wrong with me.

Oh my god. Jewell encrusted D&D set or a life-size Protoss action figure. My heart melted o.O Poor girl beats herself up so much though. I've been there, too. Just sucks when one is stuck in a place like that. Liked the Twilight Zone reference. Amazingly, there are still people out there who have never watched it.

So much frustration in this chapter... Wonderfully written though. And the language is refreshing :) Thank you!
9/28/2015 c5 zayl777
Snarky thoughts with suicidal themes... been there. Also, Anna is adorable. And caring.
9/27/2015 c4 zayl777
Some friends she made, lol :P This was a pleasure to read, but so short!.. I wish these chapters were longer :\ I'll be done with the story within a couple of hours at this pace.
9/27/2015 c3 zayl777
The writing is beautiful and to the point. But the ending is so sad :\ I've had dreams like this before. They are total trolls.
9/27/2015 c2 zayl777
First thought through my mind: "Diablo! Oh, wizard... must be Diablo 3 :\" (sorry, summonecro purist here)

So much cute going on in this chapter... I had to stop several times just to be able to bear it / "Holy shit" is all I could think of when I realized what Elsa was planning to do to the girl who hit her sister. Elsa is a complete badass.
9/27/2015 c1 zayl777
Elsa is in a bad place... I connected with every word on this page so much, I don't understand how you do this. This is really wonderful writing. I just started skimming over the first paragraph out of respectful curiosity because this appears on Spooths' tumblr "required reading" list. I can now see why it is required reading. Thank you for sharing your work, and I look forward to reading the next chapter :)
9/21/2015 c26 Guest
I LOVE jealous Anna!

Jealous Elsa is good too though
8/15/2015 c44 Rainezeik
Oh god. This story. It made me cry. :'( it was so good. Even though i know that they're still sisters. For a second i thought, elsa was adopted. Lol

Ive been looking for this story ever since i saw it in tumbler and instagram. They are all talking about it. Now i know why. This is just so good. I cried when Anna realized that Elsa's attention was not hers anymore. I love that u put Belle :)
8/17/2015 c44 waek1517
This was a very remarkable story, very well written and is captivating. Loved it very much!
8/6/2015 c44 Guest
That whole thing was remarkable.
8/4/2015 c44 AliceR123
I'm very late to finding this story, but by god am I glad I found it. Excellent read, amazingly written. Both funny and moving. Keep up the absolutely incredible work and I wish you all the luck in the future
7/29/2015 c44 Rackham
Fucking. Awesome.

I realized halfway through the story that it may draw some insipiration from Frozen, but I haven't seen the movie so I can't judge it on that front.

Still, this story was amazing ; it made me feel, it made me laugh, it even made me aroused at times, and all of that being rather well written in my (probably worthless) opinion. Thanks for this gem of web fiction !
7/23/2015 c2 Guest
i wish youd reply to my last question but then you cant but i wish you would but i dont think you would since youre like the type of author who doesnt.
7/23/2015 c1 guestt
ohmygod where can i download this? I need this like an ebook on my goddamn phone
7/16/2015 c43 41drowning in ice
And finished. This was, despite having short paragraphs and somewhat repetitive lines (enjoyable lines!) exceptionally well written. It created vivid imagery and palpable emotion. Not at all what I would have expected and I enjoyed all 44 chapters.

I really hope work never ever checks my browser history. Ever.
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