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for ANOTHER Dose of Ophelia: Taylor Swift

4/5/2015 c1 1TheInkSplotches
I used to think of Taylor Swift the same as most haters.

Fortunately, I had a cousin who adores her! We went to her concert (RED) at Pittsburgh to celebrate my cousin's 15th birthday. I was a grump the entire time...but, near the end, I began to think of her music as catchy and interesting.

She has a wonderful personality. So sweet, theatrical, etc. I think she's chill on her songs, at least she doesn't use profound words like most artist. I don't listen to her often, but when I get the change I do. She's unlike most artist and I like that...

Heck, I'd go to another concert by myself!
11/4/2014 c1 5Fizzy Bath Bomb
Right on Sister!
Fizzy x
12/26/2013 c1 33Delilah Brightman
Thank you!
Not everyone can see that yes, some of Taylor Swift's songs are more preteen than others, yet she has some serious songs. Not to mention if you look into them, her lyrics are meaningful. (Note: The Lucky One, haven't seen a song of that type with that talent before or since.) I'm glad we agree on this topic and I'm even more glad that you posted this.
12/26/2013 c1 81KaylaHeart
I mean, I totally agree with you, but even with the essay section I don't feel like this fits on FP, it's just a rant. Sorry. But I like it!

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