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for The Drummer and the Damned

10/12/2018 c5 annabanana1994
I love your story!

But I guess that judging by how long it has been since you last updated that you won't continue your story? Shame, I liked it too much...
12/22/2016 c5 SailorPikaAngel
I am really enjoying this! Lena is a sassy, strong yet vulnerable person. She hunts vampire and has the physical ability but being restrained shows her vulnerability and being hurt by the vampires. I really love your portrayal of her. Also MAJOR props to Landon's portrayal as well. He acts like an ass but underneath it he is able to make Lena laugh and is very considerate of her feelings- when he isn't pushing her buttons. However he seems to have the knack to be able to push her buttons but is willing to take a step back to let her breathe and also apologize if he pushed a bit hard. As an alpha, I was expecting him to be more domineering, but it is really refreshing to see him be so considerate for his mate. I hope you update soon!
7/20/2014 c4 2renegade01
7/20/2014 c5 renegade01
Awesome story ;-) I love the chemistry between them and Travis makes me grin ;-) Can't wait to read more
3/10/2014 c5 3TheClosetWriter16
ahaha loved this :)
3/6/2014 c5 Nyx Nuit
Did you choose the name Xerxes for the dog on purpose?
3/1/2014 c5 DiizGiirlJess
Oh yeah i love him too ! He's such a cutie c; Oh god the drama ! I cant wait ! Her dog sounds so adorable... lol

Thanks for the update ! Can't wait for more !
1/31/2014 c4 Nyx Nuit
No, not the typical paranormal romance I suppose but that's what makes it stick. I do hope you continue...and are more faithful to updating than I am heh heh...

1/26/2014 c4 Cheshire's Red Eye
Good Chapter! ;)
I really like their relationship! Keep up the good work!
1/25/2014 c4 DiizGiirlJess
Gurllll it went over my standards ! Lol That was quite a nice chapter. I like the beast inside Landon... c: I like where its going its pretty nice !

Thanks for the update ! Update soon please ! :)
1/13/2014 c3 DiizGiirlJess
Omg yes yes yes Landon knows she is his mate ! Eppp ! She can't do anything about it but I hope she accepts it and open up little by little. I got to admit the fact that he didn't tell her Landon was her mate would have pissed me off too no matter the reasons. So i completely understand her.

Thanks for the update ! Sorry for the late review but I don't visit fictionpress that often... Please please please update soon ! c:
1/11/2014 c3 Cheshire's Red Eye
Good chapter!
Lena scares me a bit :/
Update soon! :D
1/4/2014 c2 DiizGiirlJess
Ohhh so Landon's beast likes Lena...Eppp ! I cant wait for more ! Thanks so much forthe update !

Please update soon ! cx
1/4/2014 c2 tracheas
Oops! Meant to say very nice story. Hope you continue!
1/4/2014 c1 tracheas
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