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for A Restoration of the Heart

9/21/2022 c30 Lara Starsky
"George Jr will be a fuckboy just like his father."
"Indeed, my lord." LOL
9/21/2022 c29 Lara Starsky
How can a NEW born have blue eyes? That's not possible. All babies have grey eyes when they're born and after 4-5 months they have color. Lmfao. Educate yourself.
9/21/2022 c28 Lara Starsky
"I love you." BARF.
9/21/2022 c26 Lara Starsky
Aw, the cunt is not dead. What a shame.
9/20/2022 c24 Lara Starsky
I this point, I don't feel bad for this dumb bitch anymore. Time and time again he cheated and she still forgives him. Bitch bye.
9/20/2022 c20 Lara Starsky
Are you fucking kidding me? "Oh god no, she's not cheating on me, is she? Not with the priest, oh god, the end of the world!" ( it's not like, he's still comparing her with his whore and we are at chapter 20 ffs, it's not like he's still cheating on her NAH MAN, HE'S AN ANGEL. AW! lmfao tf is this shit. ) The main character is a fucking dumb bitch. The moment she puts JUST ONE FINGER ON HER she just forgets he has a whore - sorry, a FRENCH whore - named ANGELIQUE. Lets not forget that every man he so much as LIKES HER IN THAT WAY he's SOMEHOW the devil or o total wicked sonofabich. BUT NOT HER CHEATING HUSBAND. HE IS PERFECTION BRUH.
9/20/2022 c19 Lara Starsky
I wanted to like this story, I truly did. But wtf? What's with the double standards? ( he fucks his whore but she can't fuck another man? ) Don't tell me because she's *squicky voice* "So religious, so pure, so naive." fuck outta here. You made his brother ( Charles, I believe is his name ) a villain only so she can't fuck with him. Don't tell me, SPOILER (NOT) she still ends up with the fuckboy. Only Wattpad can pull this kind of shit: Bully to Lovers, Cheater to Lovers, Badboy vs Godgirl. Yuck. You disgust me.
3/18/2022 c30 Guest
I adore all of your stories, this one also made my heart melt. You never fail me hahahaha
7/5/2020 c31 adanixadachukwu
nice story I learnt a lot
7/3/2020 c6 adanixadachukwu
am liking it
3/8/2020 c31 Philosophy of Slytherin
Exceptional story, thank you for sharing. I read it in nearly one sitting 3
8/24/2018 c1 Ambar
Omg excellent introduction! I like how the last sentence was used. It's great that you know your history (I dont) but it adds depth. Can't wait to see how this develops
8/6/2018 c30 Penelope Applegate
Well, I read the whole thing in a day or two... literally. I loved your story progression. It was believable and felt real but also sweet and romantic and heartbreaking. All of my favorite elements in one story. I love a story that gives me the FEELS. I was surprised but not surprised by the plot twists. They felt pretty natural. Although Mannox... heh. He surprised me. I love happy endings. I LOVE love happy endings! So thank you for that ;) Also, the character development was great as well. I really just enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting it!
12/9/2017 c3 Anon
Oh my lord. I love the way your write. I am superbly grateful that this story is completed right now.
10/25/2017 c31 1FR3AKSH0WV1CT1M
I think this is my favorite of all your stories so far! I love Elizabeth and Edward but Prudence and George definitely take the cake! The amount of growth that Prudence went through without losing her moral and character was amazing!
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