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for The Internal Struggle of Stacey-Jo Dawson

9/15/2023 c15 1julianmarq
Four years later and I just had to reread this story as several things happening right now reminded me of it.

Still not a fan of Stacey-Jo's comment about who was at fault regarding the cheating, but I actually like that she isn't perfect.
7/1/2019 c14 julianmarq
I was re-reading this story because I was reading all of my bookmarks and this chapter reminded me why I stopped reviewing eventually.

"And I refuse to call Mason an innocent party in all this. I mean, he's definitely the most innocent party, but he's not entirely innocent."

This part. Stacey became a thoroughly unlikable asshole the moment she said that. She became an enabler of abuse and a victim blamer. Sad, she was a jerk before this, yes, but one with scruples.
11/21/2017 c19 kktalk123katherine
Why oh why haven't you give me any more of one of my favorite couples and book ever? I know this is a shot in the dark since you haven't updated in forever but please continue written on this. Even if you don't my opinion of this won't change (it's beautiful and brilliant) but I would love for some more.
12/7/2016 c18 1cha2010chi
I can't believe it's been 2014 since this last post and still keep hoping for an update. Damn good story and love the character development
9/24/2016 c19 1Blublublub
Read this story for the first time a couple of years ago and randomly had the urge to reread it today. After some intense binge-reading, my eyes are tired and slightly burning, but I'm filled with the same warm, gooey feeling I had when I first stumbled across your fic. So I thought I'd thank you for the experience haha. And I know it's a long shot, since its been 2 years since you updated it, but I'd absolutely love it if you updated and finished this story. It'd be a shame to leave it unfinished! But regardless, this remains one of my favourite fics on this website :)
8/10/2015 c19 Molly Raesly
I love this story. Please come back to it!
7/30/2015 c19 Guest
Duuuuude pleeeeeeease updaaaaaaate
7/1/2015 c10 1julianmarq
This could be made into a movie.
7/1/2015 c8 julianmarq
I think the chapter flowed well enough.
And I take back the review from the previous chapter. The banter between Stacey-Jo, GiGi and Austin was great. It's the first time I've liked a scene of Stacey-Jo and her friends as much as I've liked most of her scenes with Dallas.
7/1/2015 c7 julianmarq
I don't find your dialogue awkward. It's sharp and to the point.

This entire chapter feels earned, almost a culmination. And it's only the seventh, it's a testament at how well you write.
I do have find out that your story seems to come more alive when you're writing Dallas. Stacey's friends tend to blend in the background and even she becomes a little less distinct when you write her with them.
7/1/2015 c6 julianmarq
It's interesting, it builds Stacey's character knowing about her past.
7/1/2015 c4 julianmarq
Their relationship develops at a nice pace. Awesome.
7/1/2015 c3 julianmarq
I don't even care about sports and you managed to make more excited with words than by actually watching it.
That's skill.
7/1/2015 c1 julianmarq
Just the first chapters and the characters already feel like they have personalities. Nicely done.
6/8/2015 c19 Guest
I absolutely love your story! The characters are truly great, and the development between SJ and Dallas is so awesome to "watch". do you think you'll be continuing this story? You can count me among those who anxiously await your next update.
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