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6/14/2019 c25 1VictoriaJameson
Hopefully they can start over in Argentina, now that they admitted love to each other.
6/11/2019 c25 Guest
Thank you. I am sure that those special moments help get them through such a difficult time. Veronica is precious. Love that you have added her. Hope she continues to bring smiles in their lives.
6/10/2019 c4 48addledwalrus
Oh dear. It looks like she's developing Stockholm Syndrome...
6/10/2019 c25 NikNak13
I'm so pleased he admitted he loved her! I hope they can start a new life now, and perhaps Jurgen will learn to show his love a little easier.
5/8/2019 c24 Guest
How horrific a price Jurgen paid!. Deserved - yes. His former actions atrocious - yes. Forgiveable - yes. Not sure what the ending to this can be. What is in store for him and for Joanna and Veronica? I know they both love Veronica, but do he and Joanna love each other at all or just accepting the only life that seems available to either of them.
5/8/2019 c3 addledwalrus
I hope that Joanna survives and Jurgen gets some comeuppance for the way he treats her.
4/27/2019 c23 1VictoriaJameson
Thanks for the update!
4/27/2019 c23 NikNak13
I love this story and the constant swing between happiness and heartbreak! It was so sweet when Jurgen realised he didn't mind having a daughter, but then so sad that he couldn't hold her. Please update again soon!
4/27/2019 c2 48addledwalrus
Poor Joanna. Whatever Schiller has in store for her probably won't be any more preferable than death.
4/27/2019 c1 addledwalrus
I feel like there might have been plenty of instances such as this during the Holocaust when guards and prisoners alike saw each other's humanity.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't have been enough to prevent most of the atrocities that were committed.
5/29/2018 c21 Guest
Sweet that Jurgen noticed that something was going on and took the initiative to get some help. Glad they are happy about the baby. Hope everything goes well. Wish she could pass her heritage on to their child. I didn't remember who Hedda was, but looked her up a couple chapters back. Great chapter. Thank you. Looking forward to more.
5/18/2018 c20 Guest
People that blame the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus must just read the surface of the Bible. Yes, the Jews were involved, but Jesus CHOSE to allow the Romans to crucify Him out of His LOVE for each and every person. He could have called ten thousand angels to set Him free or He could have just set Himself free, but He CHOSE to die as the payment for our sin. Maybe this is something that Jurgen and Joanna will learn together.

Maybe Jurgen wasn't being phony at all when he called Joanna "mi amore". Maybe he really is starting to think of her as his love.

Hoping the cause of the dizziness and nausea is a little baby on the way. :)
4/24/2018 c19 Guest
Thank you for updating.
9/4/2017 c16 Trippy Hippie
Thank you so much for updating!
8/11/2017 c14 Trippy Hippie
Keep up the good work!
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