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3/25/2015 c3 Anon
It's funny, when I read all three chapters, I was immediately reminded of Mars. Jude's callous attitude towards violence and fearless abandon while racing reminded me of Rei Kashino. When I like a story, I tend to read it over and over, so imagine my surprise when I reread the first one and belatedly found your note about the manga. hahahaha I have a theory on how the story would progress, but like you said in your note, it is loosely based on Mars, so anything goes. Regardless of whether you follow certain elements of the manga or not, rest assured I would still be looking forward to reading the rest of the story. :)
3/5/2015 c1 8Ava Oxalis
Wow! heavy, but loved it. The references to music, the clever naming of the chapters, the prelude which had me hooked. Great emotion stirring writing!
5/25/2014 c2 That Beach Girl
So, I've read all you've posted on Evolution and craved a bit more. Wren's life sounds like it's been horrific. I relate to her quite well. I, too, am a musician and a composer. Music was one thing I turned to so I could cope with the reality of my abusive relatives (who have thankfully been out of my life for years). Music took the place of my self-harm. So, I love all your music descriptions that you use in here. Just curious, are you a musician or are you just really good at your research? You put what I feel about my music into words so eloquently. And I love Beethoven and Schubert! Though I think I'm quite a bit healthier and more balanced then Wren, though I have the feeling that what she's lived through has been worse than what I've experienced. Poor Wren. She's so crippled by fear. I can definitely see the pull towards Jude. He's quite charismatic. Though I wouldn't consider their relationship so far to be anything close to healthy and he's exactly the sort of person I would stay away from regardless of what I owed him, I can see why she's drawn to him.
Another fascinating story from you.
4/25/2014 c2 Guest
holy sh#t - it's getting intense here!plz keep on going - you got me hooked again . It'd be interesting to read how these totally different,yet strangely the same characters evolve!
2/17/2014 c1 1sliverofsun
2/9/2014 c1 leavemeialone
Music seems like an important theme in this story, I cannot wait to see how it will play out. As for this chapter, it was just hard reading about an assault. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I am so glad to read that there was someone to help her out. I can imagine how scary it was. I am kind of curious if you'll be doing with you did with "Evolution" by providing Jude's perspective.
2/9/2014 c1 Guest
definitely different and darker than 'evolution' but greatly written nevertheless. especially the almost raping scene seems to be shockingly accurate!keep on going - you got me hooked

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