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12/20/2014 c5 8bulletproof.cupid
The shower of basmati rice from the heaves haha - I think that's every desi person's dream!

You left me smiling throughout the entire chapter, for real. New time period, bedeshi coin chocolates, a secret note being passed along, and oh, is that love I smell in the air! Gosh, that was exciting. I want more, like lots more - and you know it's all forbidden and hush hush, especially when it's 1967! My khala and khaloo, now married of course, used to pass love notes too! Love diaries we called them, because they were literally pages and pages worth of words and feelings. Ah, undercover passing of notes back in the day... It must have been such a thrill.

I can't wait to read more, and hope you're doing well my ickle barfee. Kick some university bum and enjoy the winter break! Stay well darling x
12/20/2014 c4 bulletproof.cupid
I nearly choked on my chai when Meena screamed Haramjada. Like, undoubtedly, my favourite scene of the chapter. Rubi is such a little devil - but you know she gets work done, even in shaitaan mode haha.

I can't believe you gave us 2 chapters here, all in one go. Haha it's our lucky day! Your writing is spectacular - and the way you described the monsoon storm in Meena's eyes! Hai re.

Missed you loads, my FP BFF (teehee it got me giggling and blushing), and onto our next chapter. Hope uni is going well!
12/19/2014 c3 Guest
Hi, I know this hasn't been updated in a while, but I just wanted to say that it is very rare for me to see my country (Bangladesh) and my country's traditions/languages/ANYTHING POSITIVE outside of the news (and even then it's pretty negative), so thank you so very much for writing what you wrote, and accurately portraying the language and culture. As a Bangladeshi, I could not thank you more. :) Well done!
3/9/2014 c3 bulletproof.cupid
Oh my! Poor Khalil uncle! It's bad enough losing someone in the family, but to have your own daughter pass away before her time is just heartbreaking :(

The part when she calls Ibrahim her dushman made me laugh. Uff, he's turned into her mortal enemy! And it's something so big and important to a child at that age... Having a mortal enemy :p Chances are, she's gonna wake up the next day and forget all about it!

Enjoyed the chapter! I love Meena aapa and here's hoping she's right and frightening dadi will let her go to school someday! Tonnes of love going out to Rubi, and here's hoping it brings out all them secret readers!
3/7/2014 c2 bulletproof.cupid
So the Jinn thing, totally brought back memories - buckets full of memories! My mom would say, if I ever told a lie - a jinn would come and eat my tongue... And if I didn't sleep on time, he'd take me away from my parents. Gosh, those were the days!

I'm totally loving this. There's just the right amount of mystery and intrigue - and you're always left wondering and wishing for more. I do wonder who's died (now and in the previous chapter), and how Rubi's life ties into Ali's.

And thank you... Kulfi and now gulab jamuns! Way to go, you!
3/7/2014 c1 bulletproof.cupid
Super fascinating! Great start, and you left us with just enough intrigue to make a reader click the Next button and read onwards!

Rubi seems like a smart kid - or grew into someone smart. Smart in the sense that, you can tell with her POV a lot went on in 1994. I can barely tell you what happened 10 hours ago, let alone 10 years ago - but she'd remember, she'd have to - cause whoever passed away must have been ingrained into her. Anyway, I'm rambling and not making sense!

Onwards! And damn you for making me want kulfi now!

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