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for 500 Pictures of A Beautiful Stranger

12/24/2018 c1 3icaruswalks
i hope you don't mind reading your old stuff :D and I thought to myself, please tell me you've written humor-romance and voila - here it is! though 500 pictures of one person? Alice must be really really good at sneak shots and plus the stranger is sleeping all the time so... fate/destiny is in her favor haha. also i like our main girl, Alice, whose not as outwardly wacky as her best friend but she shows it in her own way. Not necessarily wacky but characteristic what with her collecting erasers and learning to play guitar when she's bored and I like that she will actually do stuff when she sets her mind to it. Or when she just feels like it haha.

and Allison! i have to say just because I love wacky crazy characters that she made an impression on me with the sticky note incident and how to get away with a sticky note incident haha. and her description of the sundae ooh lemme find it again "Okay, just imagine... An angel was in the sky…got murdered and was made and refrigerated into ice-cream by God" bahahaha. i find her very fitting to be Alice's bff so :D also love descriptions on the male interest and you going all in on his physical appearance cause boy is asleep. I'm gonna give you a good star on that! i am wondering how angelic he looks if Alice can call him that and ive seen you have picture references on your profile but they don't work anymore :'(

but anyway i enjoyed this first chapter cause even though each section was thoroughly different from the one prior, I think you had smooth transitions and I easily followed what was happening and why Alice decided to talk about this particular flashback or current scene and yeah you did very well :D
1/25/2016 c4 xsweetxtartx
My goodness..she's crazy! Certainly not a boring character haha..
8/22/2015 c20 annayh44
This was not the way . .I feel really bad about Alice. .Really Really hurting. .The time he talk about Ex. .I dont think she is overreacting. .the things he done with his ex he should just bring maybe later. .he is not over of his ex. .Ehhhh but whatever. . .I cant blame him either he must be very different then her . . can u update please please as soon as u can. . .i cant feel such heartbroken
8/22/2015 c19 annayh44
Kiss. . .Kiss. . .Kiss The Girl Lol. . Almost took 19 chapters to get one kiss xD Guys you should clear things. Yup his ex. .Go burn and Die xD
8/22/2015 c18 annayh44
Ouchh. .pain Michael try gain attention of girl. .ehhhh that sound so Painful... so what he doing with Alice? Nothing for Alice...
8/22/2015 c17 annayh44
Hahaha Ahh I pretty love all their moments they spent together. .is funny , warm & cozy at same time. .woah. .guitar class oh my Joy. .what funny things gonna happen?
8/22/2015 c15 annayh44
what they are trying to do? hahaha Was it really try to kiss? lol. .wooahhh all those songs i have no idea. .pretty old songs. .They fit so nicely together. .its seem they are Soulmate yeah
8/22/2015 c14 annayh44
My heart stops.. . .I guess he was awake whole time and listening her talk while pretending sleep. . .he really likes her i can see that. .
8/22/2015 c12 annayh44
Why dont u guys just kiss? lol
Aww I like them so much
8/22/2015 c9 annayh44
Do sleeping beauty like Prince Alice? hahaha Hmm its mystery... only if they kiss i can confirm but here we need coffee to keep awake Sleeping beauty lol
8/22/2015 c8 annayh44
Like Alice & Alison but mostly Alice I want to know sleeping beauty's name but Michael haha Quite Not guessing this name. .its too manly and he dong seem girly or manly but in middle. .and Martin last name lol. .Please dont end up being step brother & sistet or cousins lol
8/22/2015 c7 annayh44
8/22/2015 c5 annayh44
8/22/2015 c4 annayh44
Stalker Stalker hahaha.. The guy sound really cuteeee. .Go Go Alice~~ TAKE YOUR CHANCE HEHE
8/22/2015 c3 annayh44
Alice & Alison are craziest bestie and girls hahahahaha but I love them. .i am soo excited to read more~~~
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