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for Two Sides of a Coin

6/20/2014 c5 Guest
Update soon
4/21/2014 c4 MysticBird106
Phew I'm so glad she finally told him and that he was so supportive! But it's all going to fall to peices when she reveals she herself is actually a mob boss :/ Can't wait to see what's next for them :)
4/18/2014 c4 Guest
Nice chap! So now that he finally knows about it, I wonder how they are actually going to settle down. Can't wait to see all the drama involved!
4/11/2014 c3 2Isla Corinne
Another awesome chapter. Keep up the great work!
3/24/2014 c2 Isla Corinne
This chapter was amazing! The action was brilliant and I love how much personality you've put into Angela. Calvin and Angela are so awesome. I wonder how long Angela will keep the baby a secret from Calvin and I wonder what his reaction will be when he finally does find out! Keep up the great work!
3/24/2014 c1 Isla Corinne
I love it already! Can't wait to read more, so I'm off to the next chapter!
3/24/2014 c2 Guest
whoa that was unexpected.. i didn't expect her to be a mafia boss and a spy haha the plot looks promising, can't wait to see how it develops

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