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for He Exists

3/8/2016 c1 46CorkyBookworm1
"The longing in your heart is to be touched by His grace"
"and kiss the scar away"
Your style is so eloquent. This is beautifully written.
6/15/2014 c1 16John-the-H-is-silent
Such a beautiful poem. Great symbolism. So many thoughts are expressed in here i can practically feel it. It's great.
4/3/2014 c1 1GoodKnight
Oh you gods… as to DEATH and killing, was not this perpetuation foreseen ?
Are thee so plagued of ego and poor design…
for you are shown to be so… in the use of thy own deficient mold
NOW… before there is a vortexing of dis-humanity
and to clear the name of “Almighty ” that you have taken…
and answer to the integrity of goodness
For indeed there is a rectification to be made
that DEATH… should feed itself - with itself

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