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for Ripples

8/26/2014 c1 1echogirlcapri
Another nice one. This makes me think of a Native American girl coming to the river every day, and I sort of picture a boy waiting every day behind a tree just to see her. He never comes out but he just watches, and he feels like they're building some kind of romance, although all she sees is herself taking water.

That's the picture I see anyways! I usually don't see pics as I read, so you should feel flattered. Like, legit.

7/16/2014 c1 13Whisperedthing
This is actually a good first poem, and if you're willing to dissect it just a tiny bit, you're able to understand the meaning of it. The girl comes and gets water everyday, she leaves behind her mark and her effects [the ripples], until there's none left.

So essentially, a girl takes and takes and takes from the boy [I'm assuming his heart], leaving behind the effects [butterflies, fast beating heart, etc], until he's completely under her control.

I'm hardly a poet myself. I write a lot but I don't count myself as one and it'll never be my preferred medium, even if I've been writing a lot lately. But I do love reading poetry and while this one is simple, it tells and interesting story and is honestly great for the first time.
5/26/2014 c1 2WolfStorm28662
Its interesting! In a good way! I get what youre trying to say. I can see the story in my head as I read it, but the last line kind of confuses me. But other than that I think that its good! :)

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