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7/18/2014 c1 64MethodlessMadness
*exhales deeply* Wow! This is...breathtaking! Personally I'm a bit biased because of my unwavering love for ROTG, but your take on the Sandman, and his job, and the dreamweavers... *sighs* Wow. This really was beautiful...the imagery was stunning and just the way you crafted the sentences makes me want to read them aloud just to let the perfection dance across my mouth. I also love how you showed the reader what was going on instead of telling it outright; it really was beautiful.
I did see Captain America 2! Saw it and freaked out. Literally the only person to scream in the theaters, because as much as I'm into Marvel I haven't gotten around to the CA comics. Bucky was amazing (Sebastian Stan in general is amazing) and we can't just kick him out of the picture, but I'm honestly warring with myself on whether or not he should be in Avengers 2. He kinda deserves a place of him own, and not just thrown in as a side piece into a movie with a plot already. But...meh, that's not my choice.
Hmm...last FicPress story that made me stay up all night because it was so good...I can immediately name the not-FicPress story (Unwholly by Neal Shusterman) but...wow. If I can't pinpoint one, then we have a lot. Probably anything by the persnickety vixen...she's a brilliant poet and her style is so haunting and elusive that often I'm left awake and staring at the ceiling for hours. Everything Within A Nothing, by AZJahlee, is also really really good so far...then so is Boys' Bantam by echogirlcapri, Bookwyrm and Mayhem in Midgard by Sidekicks-Anonymous, et cetera, et cetera...
Well, since this review is equal parts review, fangirling, and indecision about best story...I'll leave.
Great story though...favs. Definitely. :)
4/16/2014 c1 5TMSantos
*sigh* This is so beautiful! I really like the idea and how you wrote it and I guess I prefer it as a one-shot? I ship them! What's their ship name? Haha
I think Captain America 2 was really nice :) For a moment I thought that Black Widow and Captain America were good together but I ship her with Hawkeye... And the Falcon guy is really cool!
4/14/2014 c1 An Avid Reader Forever
great story. i loved the idea that dreamer weavers exist, and can go bad.
i have seen captain america. in fact i saw it today, and it was great. i loved it. i thought it was better than the first. i absolutely loved bucky. i felt sooo bad for him. i cant wait to see the next captain america movie. also cant wait for the avengers: age of ultron, especially after i saw the scene after the credits.

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