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12/7/2014 c12 6Darth Zannacross
Boss fight incoming! Well, now the inhuman seems more like Envy then Lust, with the monstrous acts and all. Well, mostly fighting but the action was intense, and a cliffhanger with the two not following her. Another trap, another betrayal? Guess we will find out. I like this story out of all of your works so far, when your serious you can get quite some good stuff out so hope you press on. Till next time keep up the good work.
12/7/2014 c11 Darth Zannacross
Well, it seems we have a TIME PARADOX! You can't change the future Snake, you will mess things up hardcore! Sure Solid Snake may not be in this story but, that's only for now lol.

Ahywho, guess the shooter was not as big a threat as I thought but, still tense, score one for doctors. Well, more foreshadowing, the party is getting bigger it seems. So, we will see where the truth leads, there are a lot of truths to be found at this point.
12/7/2014 c10 Darth Zannacross
Shooting Happiness, you have to be a real jerk to want to shoot happiness you know? So, more mingling and world building, HOPE sounds like a hopeful governmental body, in theory at least. And as for LANCE and the rebels that name themselves after a thing most know for a fictional magical cat, guess more data is needed to give a first impression lol.

It does seem like Holly's skills are uncorked now that she broke free, just how wide the range goes remains to be seen, hope its not as bad as when Naruto's powers went wild before he became best buds with the Nine Tails.

So, did, she get shot at the end? Well, that is a rather rough reality check on how cruel the outside world was, guess Emily was right, well, hopefully this is not the end.
12/6/2014 c9 Darth Zannacross
Damn, this girl really does feel like Lust or a monster from Hellsing Ultimate, maybe I feel that because Hellsing is on now, never the less, intense chapter indeed. Well, Laughing Dead and the Agonies are nice sounding enemy names, for some reason it feels at home with Beyonetta lol.

Well, other then that not to much to much on with this serving, the heroic duo seem cool and competent enough for now, new details on the magic is cool and, wonder what this New Yokohama is, hopefully less congested then New York City lol. Well, jokes and actions were good, so, another nice one.
12/6/2014 c8 Darth Zannacross
Whinny the Boo, lol.

First of all, the dirty little secret about freedom, absolute freedom tends to lead to absolute chaos, those with complete freedom can be overwhelmed by that freedom and get crushed by its weight and what not, guess Holly is just getting a sample of that now, along with well, her life turned upside down.

So, Tamaki is a kind of mini Holly or, Frankenstein Holly? That's rather messed up indeed, at least she is jolly about it, for now.

Well, a lot of freakish monsters, someone has a lot of free time to make plenty of creatures that should want to die lol. Good thing are new hero's Evan and Mimi are here to help, well, at least so far it seems that way. I mean, sure this new girl being all Lust from Full Metal A and being super crazy is rather troublesome but, just widens the scope even more, intriguing.

And, now a new player, Laplace enters the stage, well, he will either be doing something really good for Holly or something really bad, or maybe just give her a cupcake? Either way, guess we will find out soon.

Over all, fun chapter, the step in to the big wide world started with a bang all right.
12/5/2014 c7 Darth Zannacross
The truth? You can't handle the truth!" ( Gets blasted away) Could not resist lol. Seriously this was a rather damn good chapter.

So, Holly is a cursed child all right, god damn. Hard go judge on Emi's actions, she has been keeping stuff from Holly, but this might be because knowing the truth will just lead everyone to a bloody mess. So, she is out now, guess we will see what happens from there, nice end to the arc though. I noticed you seem to like writing about individuals who heads can float on there own, oh well lol.
12/4/2014 c6 Darth Zannacross
Heh, deep quote at the start, nice observation of the double edged sword that love is. So, stuff has hit the fan to say the least, in more then a few ways. First of all, clones, lovely, this can only end painfully now. So, with all this monster related things sounds like things are about to get rather messy, should be a good show at least.
12/3/2014 c5 Darth Zannacross
I see the magic is improving. the variety of magic is nice. Still, real sky? This is starting to remind me of Bioshock infinite. I wonder what will happen when she steps in to the real world? Well, I suppose something will blow up in some way, we will see.
12/3/2014 c4 Darth Zannacross
Faceboot, something tells me this would be enough for Mark Zucabee to sue lol. Well, Faceboot seems like the cooler version so far, though I can see Zucaberg trying something like this one day. So, AI constructs, how we are linked to Halo eh? Lol, maybe not.

Well,learning magic is a good way to spend the day, things are getting even more intriguing, nice.
12/2/2014 c3 Darth Zannacross
Well, Emi seems cool. And as for the Violet Fire event being the cause of all magic, sounds like a rather fiery event lol. But, seems things are not as cheery as first though if there is a dark mage going around being all dark and all. Guess we will see, the sudden drama Emi brought forth was nice, setting the stage rather well and showing just what Holly is. Well, I all ready like this story more then the others, looking forward to where it goes.
12/1/2014 c2 Darth Zannacross
Ah, I see this is the proper start. Well, right away we got a nice intro to the world's magic, seems understandable enough. So, Holly and Tamaki, we got a cast at least. Well, not to much at the moment, other then its a magical world, quite a contrast to the prologue though, curious to see how things shift so drastically.
12/1/2014 c1 Darth Zannacross
Damn, we start off with a bang I see, a rather strong bang. Nearly get Resident Evil vibes with how much terror theses things are bringing. Well, don't even know the person's name but looking forward to what happens to her.
7/1/2014 c12 3RTK
Woo it's been awhile! Once again, you continue to excel at making things creepy. Lol
Interesting caterpillar-like creature and the final demise of Laughing Dead. And now, we finally get to see New Yokohama! But no more Evan and Mimi? Daniel-san giveth and Daniel-san taketh away..
7/1/2014 c2 3Psykofreac
And here I was thinking she was conceived in the library. Well, this chapter was pretty comical, I had a good laugh when Holly just suddenly falls asleep in the middle of writing.

And uh-huh, seems like Tamaki has a catchprase.

The explanation of the magic system seems to have implied gender specificity... strange. At least, I liked the concept of how magic is linked to someone's knowledge.
6/30/2014 c1 Psykofreac
Oh my god, it's a giant rock! Sorry, I'll just leave that unnecessary reference there for anyone who knows where it's from.

On to the actual review, your descriptions are good. This story started out with a vague situation and right onto an action. All the development we got out of it though is her finding a strange power to escape.

I heard some writers like to do that, an action scene from the start for the purpose of catching the reader's interesting. Sorry, I'm not really claiming it to be a bad thing but I'm just not a fan of it. In my opinion, action scenes work best with some kind of build up, but to each their own.

At least it gave some hyping to a potential villain and gave a small insight to the currently nameless point of view character. Well, it's still the beginning, I'll see where it goes from here.
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