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9/1/2017 c13 23American Chimpanzee
"A / par / trige / in / a / pear / tree" 7. "A / cool / er / full / of / Coors / beer" 7. Nope, the meter's just fine.
9/1/2017 c13 AegonTargaria
For the meter of the song to work out I suggest changing every instance to:

A cooler full of ice cold Coors beer.

Funny Song.

7/13/2017 c4 51Brievel
First tIme I read this, I thought Viagra was another beer. Oh how my husband has enlightened me.
7/12/2017 c20 1kittysgomeow
I really like this it was funny.
7/6/2017 c19 3Vicki Lawson
I actually meant to write "logged in to review" instead of "in review." Pardon my mistake!
7/6/2017 c20 Vicki Lawson
I woke up in the morning, took a shower and logged in review the hilarity you have written.
12/2/2015 c1 2ScarlettColombianNeckties
Oh my goodness. I did not expect the ending. I loved it! Have you ever read Animal Farm? (If you haven't, you should because it is one of my favourite books). But this ending almost reminded me of it. Fantastic!
10/22/2015 c7 17lunarchroniclesandcockatiels
This is funny!
2/24/2015 c1 random
That is extremely amusing.
12/22/2014 c13 4Phoenix O'Hara
i dont really get it but that was hilarious. loved the nacho part.

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