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for Ink Stains and Regrets

7/6/2014 c7 17CTkett3h
I hate this. Not the poem. My parents uses to fight too. My dad would scream at her. I would hide under her bed (cause I wasnt supposed to be in her room) and I would listen to her cry for a long time and I hated her for it. I hated her for putting up with my dad and just not protecting me. Again. Stay strong .
7/6/2014 c5 CTkett3h
:( Stay strong.
7/6/2014 c4 CTkett3h
I love this one.
7/6/2014 c3 CTkett3h
This one broke my heart :( Reminded me of my grandpa that died in the hospital and I never told him I loved him. Welll I did tell him but I just said it as an obligation cause my mom told me to. The next day he was gone and I felt horrible for not meaning it. I really had loved him. Sorry for getting personal but this poem speaks to me. Awesome work.
7/6/2014 c1 CTkett3h
I love it, how did she drown though? Was her mother not paying attention to her?
6/14/2014 c10 5Skullszeyes
Wow. I love this. :D
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