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12/15/2015 c53 Guest
when is the next update?
1/6/2015 c2 13360pages
Oh, um that happened. Though I legit already know the twist (It was in the title) Still, I could follow this chapter decently and it was short enough to keep my attention, even if it was just two people speaking.

Ugh, that is all I can say, since I can't find too any grammar errors or anything.
1/5/2015 c53 7Fierce Ookami
so I was looking at the profile of another author on hear when i saw this story and saw that it had recently been updated. I was confused because I KNEW had favorited it and saw no notification and it was no longer in my favorites list. so I continued digging and looked at my pms (I dont delete pm's for various reasons.) and the person that was writing it then was a different person entirely. its possible that you are them on a different account or something. if you could clear this up for me I'd appreciate it because I loved this story and it randomly dissapered from my favorites list.

on another note I skimmed through this chapter since I had read it before and I just wanna say I still love it :D

-Fierce Ookami
12/21/2014 c1 13360pages
Right from the start you assault the reader with a situation and details, this is both a good thing and bad thing. It's good to catch the readers attebtion, but I can easily see some getting confused and glazing over some details only to get more confused.

It does start with some decent length paragraphs after all. Also that long description in the middle seems kind of...Hmm, there is nothing wrong with it. But I don't like how it's set up.

The premise is interesting even if the setting is a little off to me.
12/20/2014 c54 5Y. S. Wong
Danny girl, you sly dog, you.
6/22/2014 c53 10r3dacted
I knew it QAQ, it was merely a hope spot!
6/22/2014 c52 r3dacted
Oh God, nick's eye pun.
Though the fights were exciting, seems like he's inherited his fusion self with byou's dodging techniques, well, like, one of them anyways. Maybe two.

I knew someone as over the top as calcio had to hae been introduced for a purpose u

Also, dang, I can't tell if this is gonna have a happy ending or not despite all the optimistic parts...
6/22/2014 c49 r3dacted
lol, I'm loving the dialogue between eterna and her lawyer XD
this reminds me of a good quote somewhere, "Optimism may seem childish at times, but seeing the cool things in life and having a purpose is what makes an adult grown up, nihilism is not just the lack of seeing good things, but a lack of purpose, and is not mature. in fact, its why several recent games, movies, and books have sucked." -me trying to paraphrase Extra Credits
6/22/2014 c47 r3dacted
Dat janitor better be one of the big heroes in the ending. Otherwise I'll have to resort to writing a fanfic where he, Nick, Byou, and Rin all fuse tgether to become the ultimate magical girl(?)

Next chapter, ho! /rolls away
6/22/2014 c44 10taerkitty
I started reading from the end as a counter-troll series of reviews, so it's good to see I'm finally catching up to where I left off.
6/22/2014 c43 taerkitty
"I'm the man of this team?" Really? Are we devolving into gender stereotypes?
6/22/2014 c42 taerkitty
Quadrupled security won't matter.
6/22/2014 c41 taerkitty
Now things are looking up. Or down, depending.
6/22/2014 c40 taerkitty
Interesting trio.
6/22/2014 c39 taerkitty
Eisernehande shouldn't be quite so gauche - yes, they're powerful, but I expected them to be smarter.
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