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6/18/2014 c40 9Fox Trot 9
Oh man, that decentent of Rinyaka I is a real badass chick… Don't know why I'm having such a hard-on right now, but anyway…

The little exchange between Rika and Emiya was the bit weird… I don't know why… I mean, guess Rika just wants to learn from the great Emiya, but prostrating her oh-so-confident self to the services of another lady (though she be much stronger and more well learned than she is) I think is a bit below that of a true defendant of a Rinyaka… But I digress… I think that last part with Emiya mentioning punishments made me get a hard-on again, but that's okay… I may not like male/male relationships, but I'm fine with lesbian relationships… Okay, what in the world am I saying? ( O_O )

And it looks like the 3 Rinyakas are about to scheme… Look out, everyone!
6/18/2014 c39 Fox Trot 9
What? Okay, okay, this is getting weird… A freaking hunk of killer slime reaches the ship and destroys the people inside… Jesus! This Mater dude is freaking me out… And it's all under the old Rinyaka III's plan, eh? I wonder what'll happen next when he find out that the great dictator is trapped inside of the 14-year-old Rin? And I wonder what his true plans are… I mean, if he's willing to sacrifice the big players of this deception, I wonder if he'll double-cross Rinyaka III as well… I guess we'll just have to see, I guess..

*reads later* OMG, he HAS double-crossed her? WTF? ( O_O ) Now we're dealing with a fourth Rinyaka? Jesus!
6/18/2014 c38 Fox Trot 9
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you have to do the whole crazy body-builder gay dude thing… Why on earth are you so cruel to your characters? When characters die, they should STAY dead, not get revived only to face a fate worse than death, which for Nick's case would be trying to avoid the prospect of getting buttraped by a crazy-ass muscle bound faggot with a freaking handlebar mustache! Have you no SHAME? ( O_O )

Oh, thank God that crazy muscle bound dude's not into that kind of thing… The whole time I was reading up to that point, I was think, WTF am I reading? Is this chapter turning into a gay sideshow or something?

Anyway, seriously, that big muscle bound dude sounds like a hippie on LSD or something… Not everyone thinks of love in such broad inclusive terms… But at least he's interesting in a sort of weird comical kinda freaky head-banging way… Hehehehe… But seriously, that was the freakiest explanation I've heard for getting imprisoned… I will not look at wheelies same way ever again… ( O_O )
6/18/2014 c37 Fox Trot 9
God, I HATE that 2-faced SOB! Willing kill someone that you hold dear for the heinous plans of a ruler that might not even care a farthing for you? That's like a goose placing all of her eggs into the coyote's basket on the assurance that the coyote will protect them as if they were his own children! That's… That's… That's just disgusting…. Ugh!

Okay, okay, I get it… I think, in my overly cynical mind, that since that bastard Captain Fritz is dead, his death will be blamed on none other than the four defendants, thereby giving the judges and authorities even MORE to be complete dunces and make complete asses of themselves in the trial for convicting and executing 4 innocent souls… Ugh! If the wrath of God included vengeance, I hope His wrath falls on the perpetrator!
6/18/2014 c36 Fox Trot 9
That bastard Fritz better be scared… Ugh… That lying conniving bastard… If I had a rubber dick, I'd go to his holding cell and slap him with it… Man, I hope they catch him red-handed when he lies, but knowing you (because that is undoubtedly too easy), I'm expecting yet ANOTHER plot twist… Yeeeeesh…

*comes to the end of the chapter* WTF? ( O_O ) I should have known you would've disposed of that bastard… Part of me is glad that happened, because Fritz deserved it, by God! But now that he's dead, I wonder how Rin's gonna be absolved of her crimes, if that's even gonna happen… I mean, for all I know, this is part of the Master's plan to cover up his tracks and destroy the Confederation right under the Council Members' noses… Yeeeeesh...
6/18/2014 c35 Fox Trot 9
Ah, I am starting to see the connections being made in this story… Okay, this Shika Pascal is descended from Rinyaka II, while Emiya Silmarius is descended from Rinyaka I… And now these two are imprisoned with the notorious teenaged form of Rinyaka III, getting ready to turn into the notorious dictator in just a few hours… Interesting… If I were to draw an observation, Rinyaka I would be Brahma the Creator, Rinyaka II would be Vishnu the Preserver, and Rinyaka III would be Shiva the Destroyer… Interesting… Very interesting...
6/18/2014 c34 Fox Trot 9
Oh wow, I never thought Byou would be the cat of Rinyaka II… Now things are starting to come together, if only ever so slightly, because for all I know, there could be yet ANOTHER plot twist… Yeesh…

Oh, and OMG, that Master that Captain Fritz was talking about, I bet it was HIM who set up the fake news! And just to make it worse, you had to add the time pressure, didn't you, didn't you? I mean, here they are stuck in prison and awaiting a so-called fair trial that I suspect is just a show trial before a pre-ordained execution, and Rin's just hours away from become the dreaded Rinyaka III… The impossibility of this story ending well keeps dropping, and the probability that these protagonists will need a deus ex machine to save each of their asses is gradually rising...
6/18/2014 c33 Fox Trot 9
O-kay… Um… The first part of this chapter came from WAY out in left field… I don't even know how this is connected—if at all—to the rest of this story… But as I kept on reading, I found out hat it was Eterna who killed that girl's father… Honestly, I though Rinyaka was the one who killed that man, but my guess was wrong… You're misleading me or I'm misleading myself into believing that Rinyaka's the cause of all the evil around here (with the possible exception of the Master dude)...

Anyway, wow, this is actually quite deep in many ways… It kinda touched on what I was saying in my last discussion post about the greatest utopias being the greatest tyrannies… Also… I'm wondering what the hell's going on, too… Because I have no clue...
6/18/2014 c32 Fox Trot 9
And the 2,000 so-called survivors that support Captain Fritz's lies are none other than the bunch of murdering bastards that killed the rest of the ship… And like the council woman said, it's 2000 to 4… Yeeeeesh… Those odds are horrible… It's so horrible, so utterly plain that there'll be a gauranteed miscarriage of justice, so disgustingly well planned, that it's infernally ingenious in the most despicable way imaginable! ( O_O )

And WTF just happened? Is that even the real Rinyaka? I thought she was trapped back into Rin's kid form! ( O_O ) Only God knows what's going on now...
6/18/2014 c31 Fox Trot 9
Okay, I'm freaking HATE that damn Captain Fritz… Freaking using the truth to hide his true motives, that lying 2-faced SOB! Ugh! And framing Eterna, Nick and Rin at the same time—ugh! That does it! That double-crossing bastard, I should get a rubber dick and slap him in the head with it!

Don't really have anything else to say about this chapter, other than that things are starting to come to a head… Dun dun dun! ( O_O )
6/18/2014 c30 Fox Trot 9
Oh man, are you telling me that they only have 8 hours left before Rin turns back into the tyrantess? Yeesh, way to add some time pressure to make this story go… And wow, I'm a bit surprised at all the detail on the setting of this planet… For a story you claim to be not your best, the world in this story is quite decently constructed…

And OMFG! ( O_O ) Looks like you never cut your protagonists a break, do you? I'm seriously hating Captain Fritz's guts right now, as well as the guts of those damn paranoid counselors who advised Captain Fritz to keep watch over Eterna… I wouldn't be surprised if these council members aren't already allied to this Master dude, either… Yeeeeesh… Way to make me an total cynical reader, you EVIL EVIL writer, you!
6/18/2014 c29 Fox Trot 9
FINALLY YOU GAVE NICK SOME CLOTHES! THANK GOD! I was beginning to think you were gonna keep him in a perpetual state of nakedness and cross-dresssedness throughout this whole story, so bravo for finally coming to your senses… I seriously never wanna see another naked dude EVER again…

Anyway, wow, that's one hella complicated explanation… It wasn't too convoluted, in fact, it's actually quite interesting… Even though you seem to be writing by the seat of you ass in this story, you managed to be quite detailed in your thoughts about all of this… Of course, i could be wrong and you just kept writing and somehow managed to make things make sense, but that in itself is quite a feat…

Oh, and that question at the end… Do I even wanna know the answer to that? ( O_O )
6/18/2014 c28 Fox Trot 9
*sigh* Will someone PLEASE put some clothes on Nick already… I swear, since the moment Nick's appeared in this story, he's spent more time in the nude in all kinds of horrendous situations… I just want SOMEBODY to put some clothes on this dude! If you're not willing to put clothes on the dude, Ero-Daniel, I'm willing to give him my underwear so he won't have to see his unmentionables all the time… So there!

Also, I'm REALLY impressed with Eterna's planning… She's a godsend, it looks llke… But this Master dude, he FINALLY shows up after 20-something chapters… You didn't describe him at all, so I'll just put Lord Dark Helmet from the movie Space Balls and be done with it… Anyway, God knows what he's got up his sleeve…
6/18/2014 c27 Fox Trot 9
Okay, seriously, I'm starting to think that you have a phallic fetish or something… Joystick? Honestly, I don't even wanna know how many references to the male reproductive organ there are in this story, and I hope to forget about them after reading, because I'm resisting the urge to grab a rubber dick and whack you over the head with it!

Anyway, I think that was the most ridiculously exiting chapter I've seen yet, and I fully appreciate Eterna's quick (and crazy?) thinking and her mad skills at sticking to the roof of the craft, and I'm quite impressed at Nick's skilled (and crazy?) maneuvering… Hopefully he didn't piss himself when the bomb went off, because that would be VERY awkward and disgusting in space...
6/18/2014 c26 Fox Trot 9
Okay, seriously, this nudity thing is becoming a running gag with Nick… I just have to ask… Did Nick put on any clothes? Please put clothes on him… I don't wanna see his jingling balls or flapping dick, please, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY! ( O_O )

Oh, and that last paragraph was the most campy and awkward paragraph I've read that still makes grammatical sense… I mean, I can just imagine the this scene in technicolor with scratchy reels of film running past the view screen… Oh, and HOW IN GOD'S NAME IS ETERNA GONNA DEFEAT SOMETHING OF THAT SIZE? I mean, the size difference is just ridiculous… ( O_O )
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