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6/22/2014 c38 10taerkitty
"The trucks are making babies." So-so line. Not your best.
6/22/2014 c37 taerkitty
Well, the opponent may be dead, but the charge probably had more evidence than just the Captain's words.
6/22/2014 c36 taerkitty
Alas poor Captain. No, not really.
6/22/2014 c35 taerkitty
Ah, were are the other Rinyakas. I was wondering.
6/22/2014 c34 taerkitty
Nice questions.
6/22/2014 c33 taerkitty
Roz, is that you?
6/22/2014 c32 taerkitty
I'm not surprised she had a recording of herself made.
6/22/2014 c31 taerkitty
So Kyrie is still in the thick of it.
6/22/2014 c30 taerkitty
I'm not surprised - after all, no one knew about The Execution.
6/22/2014 c29 taerkitty
Only eight hours to go.
6/22/2014 c28 taerkitty
I like how the Master works. No "you have failed me for the last time." Sounds more like, "I'll make sure you are ... useful."
6/22/2014 c27 taerkitty
Ah, another shaped cloud.
6/22/2014 c26 taerkitty
"Go on, I have a dragon to slay." Nice line.
6/22/2014 c25 taerkitty
Yes, Byou's flashback was very sweet.
6/22/2014 c24 taerkitty
I wouldn't have regressed her to that very minute. I'd have left a safety buffer.
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