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8/2/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hi there! I would like to invite you to join our platform to present a good quality story to our readers! Send me a message if this offer piqued your interest.
11/14/2019 c19 Sk
Love all your work b. I doubt this will ever get updated but thank you for your beautiful writing. I can always feel the real pain of your characters which I find very authentic.
10/31/2018 c19 fabulously
9/4/2017 c17 1novsei

tbh all the students just hate studying

50% of the time we don't like the teacher but we honestly don't give a crap about him/her haha
7/16/2017 c18 1abean17
Okay I came here from opposite ends of the spectrum and wow dude I'm so in love with this story right now like wow I dont even know what to say it's just great I said this on my last review on your last story but dude you know how to write. I love everything about this story, except for the fact that it hasn't been updated in a while. I know youre probably really busy and life hasn't given you time to write lately, but I really hope you finish this story because I really wanna see how it all ends up!
5/8/2017 c19 anon
you pulled me in with your words, made me forget the world if only for a moment to fall in love with your characters and your writing & then you cut it short...ahhhh...please update when you can, pleaaase? 3
4/29/2017 c19 Avide
Uh, holy crap. Charlie's parents!
11/23/2016 c19 4Cassadaga
I liked Logan already, and while I LOVE Charlie and Jess, I really appreciated Logan's reaction. Of course I *get* C & J's relationship and want them to be together, but for Logan, it made sense for him to react that way. (Although I'm confused that he would go to Charlie's parents...where do they live, how did Logan get in contact with them? Why was it his first reaction to go to them of all people?)

Also, unrelated to this chapter, but I just remembered how much I like Jessie's parents, too. Their interactions together when Charlie came to their place after saving her...so sweet. I just loved them.

I see it's been a year since you've updated. I wish there was more to read, and I hope one day you will update again! But I understand how life gets busy and all that. Plus, 19 chapters is pretty good. It's not like you stopped updating before they ever got together. That would have killed me!

Thanks for this story, I really enjoyed it. But I do hope to continue enjoying further chapters! :D
11/22/2016 c14 Cassadaga
I really like Dr. Green's advice. Are you a therapist? Because you write them well.
11/22/2016 c8 Cassadaga
Despite the age difference, I love 'em :)
11/22/2016 c5 Cassadaga
I love the dialogue, and I especially enjoy her interactions with Logan. I also really liked that meeting with Dr Green at the end. It was insightful and told us a lot about her character. Also it showed us how she's been advancing in therapy with him (even though we don't see every meeting) by asking how she can fix it and stuff.

Also liking her moments with Charlie!
11/22/2016 c2 Cassadaga
I'm really liking it so far! Although I have major discomforts reading about an 18 yr olds romance with a teacher 10 yrs older than her (not a huge difference in the long run, but at 18 you are still so impressionable and not fully realized as a person yet...the power dynamics creep me out)...but I like the characters so far and I'm just gonna pretend she's older lmao!

Also I like your writing style!
9/29/2016 c19 Guest
it's been a while since you updated! please continue your story! I love it! so mad with logan :0
5/5/2016 c19 9charlene171990
NOOOOOO keep writing this story! Gah!
2/7/2016 c19 shinju asuka
*gasp* oh my... What would happened next?!
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