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1/29/2015 c3 kylie
chalk bitch lol!
1/29/2015 c2 kylie
whoa o.O he buys her a drink? weird

cool that they have stuff in common
1/29/2015 c1 kylie
directed here from OEOTS!

interesting start
1/29/2015 c5 Choukou
So good! Please post more :D I feel so interested in Jessie's life as it actually feels like a real struggle that I could relate to other than love, etc.
1/29/2015 c5 courtesylaughs
Charlie is particularly intriguing. I love how naturally each chapter progresses, thanks for updating!
1/29/2015 c5 3MonicaAlveen
Found out about this story from you update on "Opposite ends of the Spectrum". Bummed about you being plagiarized! But also happy because your shameless plug brought me here :)

I'm really liking it and am excited to see Jessie's development! Can't wait for the next update!
1/28/2015 c5 7x.betweenthelines
I'm very glad that you're still working on this story! I think you've done a great job at character development and I really love Chris and Jess.

I also just saw your note on your other story that you were plagiarised again :( am sad to hear that and I hope that that will be the last plagiarism case!
1/26/2015 c5 Kyranol
Awesome to have you back, I've missed your stories.
1/26/2015 c5 MirrorofSouls
The wait was completely worth it! The struggles Jessie is having as a result of the death of her brother are portrayed realistically, along with her gradual recovery. When Jessie and Charlie interact their personalities shine through and you can see the bond forming.
I'm looking forward to the next chaper!
1/26/2015 c5 while-it-rains
And you're back! Your writing is great as usual, in addition to the general relief of not having to look out for grammar mistakes, I really enjoy the story and the characters. And I'm so glad to hear the gap between updates will be shorter from now on :).
1/26/2015 c5 Pseudonym59
I really like the development Jess has made throughout the story so far. It's only chapter 5, but there's definitely some change and some demons. :)
12/17/2014 c4 while-it-rains
I really enjoy your writing, and I'm so glad you're working on this lovely story. Can't wait for the next chapter :).
11/3/2014 c4 3danielle.cooper.528
please write more of this, I really love it
10/27/2014 c4 Wana
Hi, i just want to say that i like your story, im not gonna push you to write faster or anything but i know that encouraging reviews might inspire you to write the next part ;) oh, and i have to mention that have read all your work, and i would have love to add you as my fave author but i dont have an account so instead, i am writing this awfully long review/comment/praise about your writing (Right now, i added your story in my fave tabs). Well i want to thank you for the good reads that i have since i saw your ficpress acct, and the humor, entertainment you gave me through your wordings (this is definetly a compliment, dont take this in a negative way :D) i hoping that your passion for writing to flourish and your talent to grow. Good day and good luck, yours truly. Wana.
10/24/2014 c1 Guest
Please, please, please update!
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